You want some apple pie, sugar?

I can’t say my findings around the feederism kink have been particularly positive. Baring in mind however, it’s not something I actively look up, so while I’m sure there are many healthy dynamics in this kink, what snippets I’ve seen are a very negative image. Usually images of a feeder shovelling as much food down the feedee’s throat, despite them suffering/potentially leading to, serious health problems, that you see on reality TV shows.

I can’t say food has ever been a kink of mine, outside of the ‘fancy trying the chocolate dipped strawberries in the bedroom to spice things up?’ that is. The attention surrounding the destructive sides of the feeder kink, however, reinforced that feederism in the strictest sense of the word, is definitely not my cup of tea.

That being said, cooking for someone as a means of taking care of them, can be a part of the service aspect of my submissive personality. There is a side of my submissive personality that is very traditional, as many of you know. I call her ‘The Housewife.’ She centres around that idyllic 1950s image. Look after the house and the husband. Make him comfortable, take care of him in any and all ways.

I’ve always got enjoyment from giving pleasure, romantically or sexually. Knowing my significant other is happy, more comfortable or less stressed because of something I have done, makes me happy. Part of that traditional aspect, unsurprisingly, is cooking. Despite my very English, Scottish and Irish roots, ‘Southern Comfort & Hospitality’ seems to run strong.

Cooking a nice meal for them for when they get home from work, their favourite dessert etc. There’s something very wholesome I think, about a homemade pie (mama or grandma’s recipe, of course!) cooling on the kitchen counter. One of my goals is to make a homemade apple pie, my boyfriend’s favourite, to surprise him with one day when he comes home from work. It doesn’t matter that I’m not overly fond of apple pie, he loves it. It’s for him. It makes him happy and I enjoy doing that for him. That’s the point.

I’ve been known to sometimes, when I make food even for myself, to sit down while my boyfriend is doing something unrelated to this, get an odd spoonful of food and feed it to him. One, because he usually likes what I make and keeps eyeing it up! Also because this is one of the times where The Housewife comes out. When it comes to other people, I am definitely that woman that’s like: Are you hungry? You want something to eat or drink? And then make enough to feed a small village!

So put it this way, if you want some of my cooking feel free to have me go full hostess on you. And if you’re really lucky, I might let you lick the spoon 😉


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9 thoughts on “You want some apple pie, sugar?

  1. I have to say, I don’t know much about feederism, but what you described resonates with my tendencies as well. For me, I suppose you would call it The Chef. But in addition to cooking as a means of giving care, I wish to provide an experience as well. I want to make you something that surprises and delights your palate.

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  2. My dominant is the one that does the cooking, it’s a bit backwards in terms of D/s but he enjoys looking after me and whilst I enjoy baking, I don’t enjoy cooking so it works perfectly for us.

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