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Check out some of the services I’m currently offering:



If you’re a company that wishes to advertise their business and/or product, why not consider sponsoring a post? 🙂

In doing so, you’ll be reaching out to 1340+ followers on Twitter and 295+ website subscribers. Per month, I average around 2400 views in online traffic.

Topics must keep with this blog’s themes and I do not consider pre-written content. All sponsored posts will be explicitly marked as such, in keeping with community T&Cs.

Payment will be via PayPal. An invoice will be sent for both party’s record keeping.

If you are interested in sponsoring a post, get in touch via to discuss further details. State ‘SPONSORED POST’ in the subject box so I can filter it out better from my other daily emails 🙂



I currently offer writing services through guest posts, and as a contributor for publications. I offer an insight into a sex, society, women’s issues etc. through the eyes of a 20-something millennial woman, as well as a newbie to experimenting with sex-related shenanigans such as BDSM and kink.

With an MA (Master of Arts) qualification in Creative Writing, I am qualified to write copy and articles for businesses.

Examples of my previous published work is listed in my portfolio.



I absolutely love experimenting with new things and sex toys are no exception!

I believe in honesty with my readers – I don’t give a good/bad review if I don’t feel it’s warranted. That being said, if a product is not to my liking, I prefer constructive criticism over trash talking.

If you’re a company interested in me trying out one of your products, adult items, BDSM gear, feel free to get in touch stating ‘COMPANY SEX TOY REVIEW’ in the subject box.



Having recently finished a Masters Degree in Creative Writing (and through running my own blog) I am qualified to provide professional feedback and editing services.

Do you have a manuscript you need a proofreader for? Do you want clear & concise edits and feedback from a qualified professional?

Hello! *waves enthusiastically*

If interested, drop me an email with ‘PROOFREADING’ in the subject box to discuss your project and rates.



I am currently accepting commissions to write the erotica you always wanted, just for you. Whether it’s a lovey-dovey romance, steaming hot BDSM scene or something in between, you can get me to write it for your own personal consumption.

Even if it’s just a thought, we can correspond to discuss what your story will entail, so I can ensure you get the story you would like 🙂

There are certain topics I do not cover, listed here:

  • No illegal activity of any kind (goes without saying)
  • Age play
  • Consensual non-consent (CNC)
  • Blood/Needle play
  • Scat play
  • Watersports & Spitting 
  • Furry play/Yiffing
  • AB/DL

Other topics are subject to review upon discussion. I reserve the right to refuse writing a topic for whatever reason.

The finished product will be sent via email, and payment will be exchanged via PayPal. All copyright and publishing rights belonging to Violet Grey.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, or have any questions, feel free to contact me to discuss your idea, rates and further information.