Hi, I’m Violet. I’m a 20-something girl in a sex-loving world.

I’m a writer. I write Romance and Erotica…along with real-life sex stories, thoughts on sexuality, kink, BDSM, gender etc.

I’ve been writing and blogging since 2017 – venturing deeper in to writing steamy stories, along with my own personal journeys that have come with it.

I love hanging out with my family and friends, I’m a self-confessed chocolate fiend, I practically live in leggings and yoga pants (unfortunately I’m not an erotica writer that is clad head to toe in Agent Provoacteur sitting cavalierly at her desk, all while she types away about her sex life. But a girl can dream, their pieces are so pretty! 😂) and I have an unhealthy obsession with herbal tea. Wherever the peppermint is, I will find it!! 😂

So if this is your scene, feel free to follow my posts and social media handles as I share my stories both fiction and true, thoughts and (occasionally) rants on all things sex-related.

Thanks for stopping by! 😘

Violet Grey xx