Introducing…The Housewife

I’ve spoke a bit before about my traditional side in my sub side: ‘The Housewife’.

The Housewife do just that, encompass the role of the traditional 1950s housewife archetype so often sought after at the time, and still by some today. I’ll look after the house, cook, clean, do the laundry so you don’t have to worry about it when you come home from work.

I’ll be working up a sweat running the household, but all you see when you come through the door is a bright smile, affectionate kiss and perhaps a cup of tea waiting for you along with it. I’ll be the perfect little housewife, maybe even donning a dress if you like. The Housewife loves all things girly and feminine!

I know, this may sound incredibly archaic and the very thing a lot of our parents and grandparents campaigned against, and they were right to. Enforced house-spouse is not something I advocate for at all. It’s about having the freedom to choose and not being a dick to other people about it. You do you, boo-boo!

The reason why I have that facet of my personality? It’s just in my bones like every other part of me. I get a kick out doing some kind of domestic task for a significant other, knowing I’ve taken the weight off some already stressed shoulders. Working from home (and definitely so right now) it just made more sense.

Growing up and being around those kind of dynamics a lot, I suppose, I’ve always associated taking care of people like that as an act of love, of kindness or fondness. I love taking care of people I respect and love. It’s one of my base ways of showing them just that.

When I started looking more into BDSM in the summer of 2012, in the wake of the buzz around Fifty Shades of Grey one of my first experiences being exposed to domestic tasks as an act of service submission, was through a documentary I saw on YouTube. Unfortunately, I can’t find it to link.

In the documentary, one of the people interviewed was a Switch and professional Dominatrix called Hudsy Hawn. She was the first Switch I came across, which while I know Switches existed, definitely served as a relief that I wasn’t the only Switch around.

She spoke about some of the things she did while being a submissive to a Dom called Overbound, if my memory serves correctly. One of them was looking after the house and doing his laundry. That made sense to me, as doing those kind of tasks can be seen as a submissive gesture.

Also, I remember seeing a short documentary of a woman spending the day with a professional Dominatrix. One of her subs was whom she referred to as ‘her cleaning slave’. That was his jig. He just really loved cleaning for people. He came in to her dungeon and cleaned whatever she told him to, from the cage her live-in slave would go in to the whips and crops she used with her last sub.

If I was in a D/s arrangement, I wouldn’t mind a bit of domestic tasks to serve my Sir or Master or however I refer to them etc. It would definitely reinforce that dynamic in my brain (not to mention want to swirl around the house in a gingham skirt and poofy petticoat! *insert 50s music here*) and cater to my wanting to take of a significant other. Especially so, a Dominant.

Hey, I may even give a blowjob to go with your after work drink, if you like. Anything to make my affections known πŸ˜‰

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7 thoughts on “Introducing…The Housewife

      1. *Sigh* OK, you can be the honorary unmarried brother-in-law how about that? πŸ˜‚ And I’m sure I will laugh a lot, it’s a bloody laugh a minute with you!!
        And that’s understandable, just keep as calm as you can given what’s going on on your end right now xx

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