Double your pleasure #Eroticonline2020

CONTENT NOTE: Due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, Eroticon 2020 was cancelled. As a result, the lovely Exhibit A, suggested a smut writing weekend that has garnered the hashtag #Eroticonline2020. This flash fiction piece is part of that. 

I run my tongue along his neck. He’s whimpering, muscles flexing and relaxing, jerking then flacid, as the machine fucks him from underneath me. The whirring is slow and rhythmic as it goes in and out, while I gently ride him.

‘How does that feel?’ I whisper.

I grind my hips as the same time the dildo on the machine thrusts inside. His eyes flutter closed, back arching as he squeezes his hands firm around my ass.

‘Feels…’ It thrusts again. He groans. ‘So good…’

He guides my hips in a sensuous, steady rhythm, sliding effortlessly up and down his cock. I don’t care if I don’t come, watching him gasp and shudder underneath me gives me so much pleasure it doesn’t matter. His eyes scrunch and he holds me tighter, letting a sharp burst of air from his lungs. It’s not the pleasure that makes you scream. It’s quiet, slow, feels so good you it renders you nearly speechless. I swirl my fingers around my clit while he guides my hips and I quiver, pressing my hand firmly against his taut chest.

His chest shakes under my palm, my clit throbs, my toes tingle. All the while, the whirring continues in the background. His words babble in desperate moans as he starts to shake.

Oh my…Oh my God…I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum…I -‘ 

Harsh, guttural groans emanate from his throat and I feel his warm release inside me, dripping from me down onto his balls. Leaning down, his breathy moans are muffled as I press my lips against his, giving me tongue in a soft, sensual kiss.


*Image – Pinterest



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