Business and pleasure #Eroticonline2020

One thing I could never understand was why he looked at me the way he did. 

Every time I was in the office, he’d be staring. He’d try to be discreet about it, but fail miserably. I can’t say I was disturbed by it, having been attracted to him since I started working for him, I was actually quite flattered. But I kept a professional distance, I didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. 

As the month dragged on however, keeping that ‘professional distance’ I prided myself on became more and more difficult. I’d reciprocate a flirty smile when taking dictation. My skirts would get a little tighter, my shirts a little more sheer and low cut.

I must admit I felt a triumphant somersault in my belly, as I bent over to give him a stack of files he needed, and my shirt dipped so he could catch a hint of cleavage. He looked surprised, even a hint of red flushing in the tops of his cheeks as I flashed him a sweet smile. He kept his suitcase over his crotch that day as he dictated to me, before leaving the office for the day.

It kept that way for a while. Stolen glances, reading his eyes for the words he wanted to speak but felt he couldn’t. That was until I set his files for the afternoon on his desk after lunch, to find an envelope with my name on it, written in his immaculate handwriting. 

Wait for me after lunch. Lock the door. Close the blinds. Undress for me except for your underwear. I’ll knock three times.

My insides leapt and I did as I’m commanded. As promised, three loud knocks echo against the door. Tip-toeing to the peephole, I saw him waiting for me, and unlocked the door.

He slid through the gap, closing it silently behind him. The lock clicked and he turned to face me, eyes wandering over my frame and mismatched lace lingerie. He didn’t say a word, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into a deep, open-mouthed kiss. 

He pushed me gently against the door, pressing his rock hard cock against my hips through his trousers. Kisses trailed over my jawline and down my neck, and I wound my arms around his broad shoulders. His embrace was warm and safe, his breath trailed down my neck. Luscious shudders scurried down my spine and he pulled me closer, capturing my moan with another kiss. 

‘Shhh…’ he whispered against my lips. ‘Come here…’

Swivelling me around, he laid me down on the carpet, straightening up to remove his jacket and tie while I unbuckled his belt. He yanked off my knickers, spreading my legs and burying his head between. His tongue swirled over my clit, working the length of my lips and thrusting inside me. My fingers raked into his hair as hands clamped around the tops of my thighs, keeping me in place. Before long I was writhing under his tongue, the gentle yet firm strokes, the tender kisses along my pussy. 

I convulsed around him, muffling my cried with my hands. He hovered over me, a slew of kisses swelling my pink lips and cheeks, as he slowly sank inside me. To my surprise, he wasn’t rough like most of the men I had been with. He was gentle, tentative, gifting me as much pleasure as he could. Sparks danced through my limbs and surrendered under his touch, encouraging words in my ear coaxing me to a honey-sweet climax, before his hips jerked and a series of hoarse shouts muffled hot and breathy against my neck. Running his finger along my jaw, he ran his lips along mine. 

‘Stay with me tonight?’ he asked. 

I didn’t need to speak, merely nodding with that same sweet smile I gave him at the desk. The boyish grin that spread across his cheeks made my heart flutter. 

‘Good.’ he said, pulling me into another hazy soft kiss. 


Masturbation Monday
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22 thoughts on “Business and pleasure #Eroticonline2020

  1. collaredmichael

    I have work fantasies too. One is to be under my Queen’s desk servicing her while people enter her office for work purposes. But that is unlikely to happen. 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

      1. collaredmichael

        Well except that my daughter is now home with us as her work place has closed and without income, she needs to be home with us. Be a bit awkward to try and do this now!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. collaredmichael

        We are at this point. One of my daughters is on the way home from being in Mexico. So awaiting her safe return to us. My daughter in Korea is doing well though at the moment she isn’t working. Her business has been shut down for a month or more. But she herself is ok.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s good to hear you’re ok. I hope your daughters stay well and safe. My vanilla job has closed for a fortnight and don’t know if it will open soon or not, as it’s in the entertainment business so risk of crowds and whatnot x

        Liked by 1 person

      4. collaredmichael

        My job is also closed. We are supposed to work from home but the nature of my work really means that is impossible. I think the bosses just want to be seen doing something and having us home available by phone makes that possible. There really isn’t very much I can do from home.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. No I can imagine. Either way at least there is the option for you to work from home 🙂 I’ve heard some right horror stories of people losing their jobs or employers just letting them go with no pay whatsoever. It’s definitely a circumstance where we need to count our blessings on. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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