Her body was slick with sweat. Sir had worked her hard tonight. The biting, spanking, flogging and rope. Yet all she wanted was more.

She lay spread-eagled on the bed, wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts with the soft hemp rope Sir had bought just days before. Her breath was shaky while Sir watched her from the foot of the bed. She admired his powerful frame, the top undone buttons of his fitted, white shirt giving her a glimpse of the Celtic tribal tattoos on his smooth skin. Their gazes were locked. Hers desperate…his brooding and hungry.

“You want more, kitten?” he asked darkly. She nodded weakly.

“Yes, Sir…” she whispered, “I want more.”

Sir quickly obliged, crawling up on the bed and settling his hand between her legs, beginning to slowly swirl his fingers on her clitoris. Her whole body trembled and she struggled against her restraints.

“Ooohh please, Sir…”

“Please, what?” He teased against her lips.

“Please Sir, please let me come,” she begged, “Please!

She could feel her hold body beginning to convulse. She didn’t know how much longer she could last. Lurching on the mattress, against the restraints, her bare chest stroking over his, she wanted so much more. But he’d worked her up in to such a state just one more touch in the right spot would tip her over the edge. Sir’s hot breath tickled at the sensitive skin of her neck.

“Not yet, kitten…” he murmured, trailing down between her legs, placing a gentle kiss on her sweet core with a wicked chuckle. She groaned desperately, “Not yet…”


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