Undress Me (NSFW – Part 7)

Lily stamped the snow off her boots on to Jake's welcome mat. Locking the door behind him, he helped her out of her coat and hung it on the stand next to his. She rubbed her palms together, cupping and blowing on to them. 'Better?' Jake asked. Lily nodded. 'Much better, thanks.' 'Do you want …

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Master’s Love (Flash Fiction. NSFW)

Yes Master... Your words are magical to my ears. I love your praises of my body I've painted with such horrible words and thoughts. I love your praises as you gently massage slick oil over my naked skin, over my stretch marks and bumps. You whisper such sweet verses of what I cannot see, adamant …

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Keep An Eye On Me (Flash Fiction. NSFW)

"I know you were watching me." I said. I didn't mind that my roommate caught me pleasuring myself in my room. The door was open a crack, the vibrator was on and I wasn't exactly being quiet. He didn't know I'd seen him. I could see the flush of embarrassment in his cheeks as he …

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‘Bound’ is now available on Amazon!

Six months and 14,000 words later, Bound is now officially live on Amazon Kindle! 🙌 Enjoy and if you like, be sure to leave a review 😘 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HGJHWPM All my love, Violet xx Copyright 2018 - Life of Violet - Violet Grey All Rights Reserved. *GIF - GIPHY *Picture - Property of Violet Grey