Keep An Eye On Me (Flash Fiction. NSFW)

"I know you were watching me." I said. I didn't mind that my roommate caught me pleasuring myself in my room. The door was open a crack, the vibrator was on and I wasn't exactly being quiet. He didn't know I'd seen him. I could see the flush of embarrassment in his cheeks as he …

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‘Bound’ is now available on Amazon!

Six months and 14,000 words later, Bound is now officially live on Amazon Kindle! 🙌 Enjoy and if you like, be sure to leave a review 😘 All my love, Violet xx Copyright 2018 - Life of Violet - Violet Grey All Rights Reserved. *GIF - GIPHY *Picture - Property of Violet Grey


Bonsoir amigos!  Hope you're all having a wonderful day/evening/night wherever you are in the world. I'm super excited to say my first book is done and ready to publish! *happy dances* Just a few little last minute things to iron out and it'll be ready to go live on Amazon tomorrow (Tuesday 18th September)! If you …

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