I Want You

You ask me what I want?

Ok, I’ll tell you…

I want all of you.

I want you to pull me in to your arms and bring my lips up to yours.

I want you to want me as much as I want you.

To undress me little by little when skin on smooth skin, I bare my soul to you and yours to me.

I want to feel the tingle of your tongue on my breasts, rather than imagine it in my dreams every night.

Tease my puckered nipples while I run my fingers through your hair, tugging, my body crying out in to your arms to give me more.

I want you to let me tease you with my lips, feeling the ground cold and hard against my knees while I please you myself or you fuck my mouth. Whatever you choose.

I want you to fill me with that stiff, proud arousal. I want that first gasp to be forever etched in to your memory. I want you to stroke your hand around my throat, while your growls in my ears have send my legs shaking.

I want you to tease my sensitive nub. I want to feel your hot breath on my neck. I want to feel you fondle over my soft flesh as I stiffen and relax in your hands.

I want you to hear how you make me feel while you kiss and bite my shoulder. I want you to feel me quake under you. I shudder blissfully…your arms are the only thing keeping me upright.

I want to feel your release inside me, every throb of your thick, silky cock sparking aftershock after glowing aftershock.

I want to hear you groan in my ear, the grating in your throat, the desperation in your voice while you cry out my name.

I want you to make me yours as much as I want to make you mine.



© 2018 – Life of Violet. All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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