Let Me

Let me loosen that tie, unbutton that shirt and cast it to the side.

Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Let the sofa cushion your aching body from a hard day’s work. Let me untie your shoes and slip them from your weary feet.

Let me run my hands up your muscular thighs; let me meet your lips with mine. Let me trace my lips down the contours of your chest…let me melt your stress away.

Let me unbuckle your belt and slide your trousers to your knees. Let me take your rock hard arousal and slowly slide the silky flesh back and forth in my hand…

Let me take you in my mouth and worship you with my tongue. Let me run my tongue up your stomach and straddle your wide hips. Let me place soft kisses in the crook of your neck until you’re trembling under me.

Let me slide you inside me; let my dripping walls clamp around you. Relax, baby…let me do all the work tonight. Let me slowly grind my hips against yours; let me lift up and down until a quiet groan rumbles in your throat.

Let my hands push against your chest and my fingers run down your skin. Let me watch you flutter your eyes shut, your mouth hang open and rest your head back against the cushioned seat. Let me feel your chest rise and fall under my hands.

Let me work you and feel that delicious throb around my walls. Let me hear you growl while your hands gently graze my hips, letting me grind us both to the edge. Let my body express what I feel for you inside the deepest corner of my heart. Let me run my fingers through your hair and quietly cry out for you in rippling ecstasy.

Let me hear your climax build. Let me hear you gasp my name. Let me feel you stiffen under my aching thighs. Let me hear you groan as your fingers dig in to my hips. Let me feel you shake. Let me watch your face contort in pleasure that sates me body and soul.

All I need you to do is let me.



Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet. All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Let Me

  1. passionateliasons

    Oh my Fuck violet!!! Do you know what that just did to me? What man wouldn’t let you do that? That’s the lioness coming to town πŸ˜‰πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Liked by 1 person

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