Sometimes, I just need to be fucked

Sometimes, I just need to be well and thoroughly fucked. Sometimes, I need to be fucked so hard I don't know where I end and he begins, bodies stiff and jerking as we lose ourselves to our baser, primal instincts. Sometimes, we just need to fuck each other senseless. Like recently, when a joke turned …

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A New Love Written

Stroking oh so gentle The sweet caress of your fingers through my hair Cotton rub shirts entangle Entranced in peeling viscose layers Discarded to the ground like shedded skin A kiss is worth a thousand words I, honoured to be gifted A beautifully written novel Décolletage, belly, tender thigh's apex Blessed with its words Fistfuls …

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‘Bound’ is now available on Amazon!

Six months and 14,000 words later, Bound is now officially live on Amazon Kindle! 🙌 Enjoy and if you like, be sure to leave a review 😘 All my love, Violet xx Copyright 2018 - Life of Violet - Violet Grey All Rights Reserved. *GIF - GIPHY *Picture - Property of Violet Grey