Not yet, kitten – 300 word erotica challenge

CONTENT NOTE: This is part of the 300 word erotica challenge, s

It was long before they got back to the villa that they decided what would happen that night.

When they slipped through the door, they tore at each other’s clothes, desperate to get exactly where they wanted to be. Skin on skin. Biting and clawing at the other’s skin, fingers and tongues furiously working inside her and around her clit. There was no one around to disturb them for miles, so they didn’t care if her moans and cries were loud as she squirted over his hands, shuddering under his growls that she was his good girl and his little slut.

He’d told her at dinner that tonight, he wanted her ass. A perfectly lipsticked mouth quirked up in a sexy smile as he ran his foot smoothly up her calf. Diners around them would observe how they talked and gazed in the other’s eyes like a pair of lovestruck teenagers. Some of the older couples smiled and held hands at the sight, reminiscing about their younger days when Cupid struck them with his infamous arrows, and upon first sight, they were goners for good.

Running his lubed fingers around the rim of her ass, he took great pleasure in her on the couch, on all fours. Gently, he massaged her entrance, his sweet words reverberating down her spine as she relaxed enough to let him slip one finger inside. Fuck, she was so tight. Slowly, he worked in and out, slipping another lubed finger inside. She pushes back against him, fucking herself on his fingers, giggling at his murmurs of what a dirty whore she was for him.

Liberally lubing up his cock, he readies himself at her entrance. She pushes back again, eager to take him, but he holds off.

‘Not yet, kitten. Not until I say so…’

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