Taking what’s yours

CONTENT NOTE: Erotic fiction. Contains rough sex and face slapping. All parties are (goes without saying) consenting adults. 

We grapple at each other’s clothes as we stumble out into the cold, November night. It’s drizzling, that kind the speckles across your skin, pouring from the sky in thick, icy sheets.

The music from the club we were just in soaks out into the bustling streets of New York City. Taxi cabs blare their horns. Sirens wail in the distance. White and yellow lights from the windows of apartment blocks and skyscrapers light up the night.

We stumble in to the dingy backstreet next to the nightclub. A man smoking outside yells at him for bumping into him as the club’s metal doors blasted open, us in its wake. But he doesn’t care as he takes my hand and we run past the dumpsters and clear plastic sheets that scatter the concrete around them. We reach near the end the dead end, when he pushes me hard against the wall and rains his lips down on mine.

The clinking of your belt tinkles in my ears, when he forces me to my knees, freeing his cock and shoving it in my mouth. 

‘Take it, you slut…’ he growls, thrusting into my mouth. He doesn’t go too deep, letting me get used to the light facefucking, before he starts to go faster. I love it when he does this, when he takes control and gets rough. He takes my hair in his fist, keeping it out of my face as I bob back and forth, running my tongue from shaft to tip. He groans.

‘That’s it…good girl…’ 

He really starts to move, thrusting so hard he hits the back of my throat. I gag and choke while fat, cold raindrops run down my face. My knees sink painfully against the grainy, freezing concrete, but the pain with the pleasure make this all the more electric. He pulls me off him, giving me a second to breathe before starting again. I ache for my hand to travel down my waist and pleasure myself, but he slaps it away, pulling me off his cock again. 


He slaps my cheek. 

‘Don’t touch yourself unless I tell you to, do you understand?’ 

He slaps me again, twice. My pussy aches for release, yet gets all the more soaking wet with each slap. 

‘Yes Sir.’ 

‘Good.’ With that, she shoves his cock back into my mouth, fucking my mouth and throat until my knees are hurting against the freezing concrete. 

He helps me to my heeled feet, spinning me around and pushing against the brick wall. Like everything else, it is cold and wet. He hikes up my sheer dress, his ‘no panties’ rule proudly on display. Raindrops fall against my bare ass as he pulls his trousers down his thighs. 

‘Are you ready, kitten?’ 

‘Yes Si-‘ 

I gasp. With no holding back, his cock fills me, stretching me full. I brace my hands against the wall while he clamps his arm around my waist and a hand around my mouth. 

‘Shhh kitten,’ he growls, biting down on my earlobe. I whimper. ‘We don’t want people hearing us now, do we?’ 

I shake my head. My clit throbs. His chest presses against my back, thrusting fast, hard, not wasting any time to take what I’ve gladly told him is his for the night. My moans are muffled by his hand tight around my mouth. My knees grow weaker with every thrust and I melt against him as he growls and grunts his way to an unhinged, animalistic climax.

The rain in sheets is now a downpour, bouncing off the dumpster lids and against the plastic tarp bundled in heaps along the ground. Tendrils of my hair stick to my face and sated, I smile at the feel of his release inside me. He strokes my sodden hair from my face, placing a gentle kiss on my shoulder. 

‘Come on, baby.’ He takes my hand. ‘Let’s get a cab. We can warm up at my place.’ 


Masturbation Monday
*Image: flickr.com

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