Fuck the pain away

I want you to fuck me until I forget the stresses of the world. The meaningless debates over the trivial, benign and unneeded. The worries over money, bills and rent.

Tease the silky head of your cock against my clit until I can’t take any waiting any longer. Until my legs are wound around you, my arms around your shoulders, begging you to make the pain go away.

I want to lose myself in you. I want to become touch, taste and sound itself. I want to become the caress of my fingerprints against your back, the salty taste of your skin on my tongue, the breathless moans levitating us above the earth.

You are who I wish to envelope myself with. You are my safety, my confidante, my life raft among the choppy waves of the world. You are my soft, warm blanket from icy stares and steel sharp words. You are my candlelight when my faith in humanity goes out.

So fuck me until I forget, my love. Fuck the pain away until I remember no more, remember nothing but the safety and love of you.

*Picture – Pinterest

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