Assume the position

For a long time my favourite position (or rather the idea of, as was in my virginal days) was cowgirl, aka girl on top. I loved the idea of it being different as opposed to missionary, and one of the primary positions where the woman can be in charge. Meow!

I still LOVE the cowgirl position to this day, but now with a few years of being sexually active under my belt and trying different positions, I have an array of favourites. I can’t definitively say just one is, because it would depend on the mood and the circumstances of the sexy time being had. Here are some of my favourites and what I like about them:


Ahh, classic missionary. While some may consider it ‘boring’, it’s one of my favourites. Aside from it being a pretty easy position for both parties, it can be really intimate, enabling me and my boyfriend to be incredibly close. Plus, it makes me feel very in touch with my femininity when you’ve got a strong, gorgeous man on top of you! I will never complain about that!


Tried and tested, it’s still very much a favourite!! What can I say? I LOVE being on top. On top and doggy style, this is one of the best positions for me to orgasm. I’m very much an ‘on my front’ gal when it comes to *ahem* self-service, so it only makes sense that a similar position on my knees is good way for me to orgasm too.

I love grinding my hips, I love when my boyfriend pulls me to him, when he thrusts up into me, the works. Also, it’s an opportunity for him to get a little extra handsy. He’s very much a boob man, so one of the things he really likes to do (and I love receiving!) is squeezing my boobs, and pulling me down to him so he can kiss and suck them while I ride him. Hearing him moaning and coming underneath me, especially when he does that, is just UNNFF!!


For those days when this girl just needs to bend over and take it from her guy! I love how primal it is. It’s raw, it’s passionate, where the guy is VERY much in charge and one of the most submissive positions for the receiver (me).

One of my stand out memories for ‘firsts’ in the sex department is trying doggy style for the first time with my boyfriend (I’ve never done this position with anyone else) and immediately thinking how much I loved it. When I’m in the mood for it, there’s no better feeling of my hair wrapped around his fist and getting spanked while we go at it hot and heavy.

That being said, it’s not one we can keep up for a really long time like others. Namely, because it puts pressure on my boyfriend’s knee, which endured a serious sports injury in his teens. So we switch it up when it becomes too much, but switching up is fun!


It’s like a deluxe version of the aforementioned. Bent over at the right angle, it creates a delicious friction against my g-spot which in turn can stimulate my clit as well to a certain extent without manual stimulation. As well, it can make my legs feel jelly-like in the most wonderful way. The pleasure and orgasms from this position can be particularly intense!


Now I don’t know the name of this position (as you can tell) so I’ll describe it to you. I’m on my back, legs up, while he’s on his knees thrusting into me and my ankles rest on his shoulders.

Aside from it being a completely dominant position for him, the angle it gives makes it feel absolutely incredible. There’s been a few times where this one has left me uttering complete gibberish as I’m attempting to tell him not to stop!

All my love,

Violet xx

13 thoughts on “Assume the position

  1. It’s been really interesting reading people’s favourite positions, doggy certainly has a raw animalistic feel to it. My personal favourite is when she is lying on her front (prone), and I can pin her down.

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  2. collaredmichael

    Interesting! That last position is one we frequently use. I donโ€™t consider myself dominant at those times. But I guess itโ€™s all the frame of reference. I donโ€™t consider myself dominant when doing doggy style either. Iโ€™m just doing what Iโ€™m told and trying to take my Queen to her magic place! lol

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  3. It’s really interesting to understand what makes different positions preferable over others. I probably should have taken part in this as well as I’ve been struggling to find something to write about lately.

    A very fun read, indeed! ๐Ÿ˜

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  4. turning20web

    Hello Sister!
    I love being on top of him..
    And the position where he grabs by legs over his shoulders…. It create that space and sensuality for me..
    Don’t know exactly how to describe ๐Ÿ˜‡

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