The heat of the night

CONTENT NOTE: This was a post that I wrote and published last year but somehow ended up back in my drafts. Ahh technology and its quirks! Either way, enjoy! V x

Picture this: I begin to stir, heavy lidded and half asleep. It’s still pitch dark outside and I roll over to my boyfriend. He stirs too and rolls over to face me. Sleepy caresses on each other’s bodies spark a kiss, then another, and then another. A deep need consumes us and nothing but a desperate lust burns in between my legs.

All that consumes our thoughts is that we want the other, right there and then. Shirts are yanked up, underwear’s yanked down. He rolls on top of me, or me on top of him and his rock hard cock drives inside me. There’s nothing slow, nothing sensual. It’s just pure, unbridled lust for one another, and it feels amazing.

Finished, we’re sated of our midnight passions, usually involving the words, “Wow, that was hot…” or looking at each other going, “Where the hell did all that come from?!” Not that we were complaining, of course!

I do love those moments in a relationship, where in amongst the sexual experimentation, the wonderful lovemaking whether it’s sweet, passionate, slow etc. there’s the times where it’s just 100% pure primal need.

I feel like I’m connecting with him on a completely different level. I’m sharing a part of myself I wouldn’t share with anyone else. It’s the animal coming out in each other; it’s intimate and raw, our baser instincts completely on display for the other to see. Only for each other, which makes it feel all the more connecting.

I’ve had lustful moments in the past with other men prior to my relationship. Not sex, but flirtatious moments followed by kissing and feeling up. They were fun and exciting. I enjoyed their company and I can’t say there wasn’t an attraction to take things further, because there was.

That side of me I always kept very guarded, because it’s a vulnerable part of me. So in order to have gone the way of being their girl for one night, I would have had to get to know them a lot better before sharing a bed.

That would have meant a few dates at the very least and they weren’t looking for that. That’s no detriment to them, of course. Most of them bar one or two were absolutely lovely guys; that was just their nature and that’s just mine.

I felt lust for them without loving them, which felt awesome. I feel lust with my guy whom I do love, and that also feels awesome. There’s a case to be made for both.

But for me, being the old school romantic that I am, I couldn’t properly show that primal, unbridled lust at that time without there being love there, and with those two coupled together, it feels absolutely incredible.


All my love,


*Picture – Pinterest


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