Indulge For Me (Part 1)

CONTENT NOTE: Elements of this story inspired by a sizzling hot FFM erotica written by the lovely and very talented Girl on the Net. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend you do! 

I have a need. It’s itching away at me and won’t be satisfied until I get it.

Silver Fox will be home right now and I’m desperate to see him. The train rattles back and forth along the tracks, flashing through the tunnel with a loud whoooossshh, before grey, tinny light floods through the speckled windows again.

I sift my phone from my bag, tapping the keys on the screen faster than usual.

I miss you. x

By the time I slip the keys into the lock, the need is fuzzy in my entire body, desperate for a release. Silver Fox is where he said he’d be. Chopping board on the marble counter, he’s chopping peppers for tonight’s dinner.

Blue and white striped apron tied around his torso, a fitted black Henley hugging his body. He looks so handsome. When he sees me walking through the door, a bright smile spreads across his cheeks.


He greets me warmly, wiping his hands on the apron before walking over and bringing me into a strong, tight hug. I welcome the smell of his woody aftershave and melt against him, feeling the stress of the day trickle from my body. I hum against him. I need this. 

Breaking away, his eyes are lit up, smiling and leaning down to kiss me. I wrap my hand around the back of his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. My tongue slips through his lips and he moans surprised, tightening his arms around me as he works a hand up into my hair, the other pressing into the small of my back. I need him. Now. 

‘Lie down.’ I whisper against his lips. 

A sexy half-smile turns up the corner of his mouth. My stomach flutters. 

‘Oh, is it that kind of a day?’ he asks. 

I nod. 

‘Yeah.’ I run my hands down his chest.

She needs to come out?’ 

‘Yes,’ I nod again, placing a soft kiss on his lips. ‘Lie down…’ 

Running my fingers over his salt and pepper beard, my eyes lock with his, a devilish smile now pulling at my own lips. Eyes not leaving mine, he unties the apron and unbuckles his belt. He winks at me. 

‘Yes Ma’am…’ 

With that, he takes off the apron, dropping it to the floor, before lying down, right there on the floor. Lifting his hips, he pulls his jeans and boxers down to his knees in one smooth motion. Already, he’s rock hard. This is what we do when the mood strikes. When I need to take charge for a while, when I need to be the Domme, and he’s more than happy to oblige. There he lies, ready and waiting, for me to use and fuck him however I want and feel like. 

He watches as my blazer slides down my arms and on to the ground. Slowly, I unbutton my shirt, that next to follow to the floor, revealing a black laced bra underneath. I reach around to my zipper at the back of my skirt, wiggling and stepping out of it, showing the matching panties. It’s a set he loves on me, but this time he won’t get to touch. Silver Fox’s eyes widen. 

Fuck, you look hot…’ he growls. 

Picking up my blazer, I throw it over his head.

‘Don’t talk. You’re not allowed to look.’ I order, but not before hearing a chuckle from underneath. 

No kissing. None of my mouth around his cock. No cuddles. Still in my heels, I squat over his hips, move my panties to the side and effortlessly, slide him inside me. Yes. This is what I need. I’m not slow. I take what I’ve been aching for all day: to have him, letting myself be consumed by the raw lust that desperately wants to be let out. My tits bounce in their lace adornments. I don’t care if my moans are loud. Let the neighbours hear us. I don’t care. 

All the while Silver Fox keeps to what I said: face covered, hips thrusting as little as he can bear as I take him from shaft, to tip, to shaft again. My hands press hard against the soft Henley covering his chest. I hear his low grunts and moans under the blazer, spurring me on. He loves, and needs this, as much as I do. He loves this side of me, or ‘the Lioness’, as he calls it. 

I swirl my fingers around my aching clit, bringing myself to the edge. Silver Fox tenses underneath me, another groan emanating from under the blazer. But he can’t come yet. Not until after I have. I scrunch a fistful of his shirt.

‘You’re going to give all that cum, aren’t you?’ 

‘Yes, Ma’am…’ he groans.

My breath shortens. I tighten around him, met with another grunt. My finger, gentle yet fast, works back and forth on my clit, slick with wetness, grinding my hips as his fingers run up my heels to my ankles. Sweet, hot pleasure rushes inside me until my climax takes me with panting moans. Silver Fox’s hips lift slightly, his hands squeezing around my ankles. 

‘Please…’ he begs. ‘I need to come…’ 

My hand slips under his shirt, reaching up to his nipple, teasing the nub with my fingers. He whimpers. Bracing my other against his stomach, I grind harder.  

‘Come on,’ I breathe. ‘Give me that cum…Every drop…’ 

Silver Fox’s forearms are taut. He lets go of all restraint, lifting his hips to meet mine. Faster he moves, hips stiffening, a series of grunts growing louder until a long, grated groan arches from his chest, his hands reaching up to my calves, squeezing them hard as I squeeze tighter round him

Finally satisfied, I lift myself off his cock, adjusting my panties. Silver Fox lies there dazed, blazer still strewn over his face. His Lioness isn’t finished yet, though. Smoothing my hair from my face, I unhook my bra, throwing it over his face like I had my jacket. 

‘I’m getting a shower. I expect dinner ready by 7:30.’ 

As I make my way to our bedroom, I hear a sated chuckle. 

‘Yes, Ma’am!’ 




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