Indulge (part 3) FINAL

Silver Fox runs his hand down my arm. I hum content as the warm water cascades down on to my breasts and stomach, running down my legs, washing the men’s indulgence in me down into the drains.

I’m soaped into a luxurious, lavender scented lather and rinsed off. I lean back against Silver Fox, my back against his naked chest, the back of my head resting against his shoulder. He nuzzles the side of my face, running his lips along my shoulder before placing a soft kiss there.

His fingers slide down my wet belly to my clit, swirling his fingers around me like he had before in the next room. All the other men have now left, leaving just me and him to do as we please. He wants me all to himself, and I’m more than happy to oblige. Holding me firm against him with an arm around my waist as he gradually starts to move faster.

I loll back against his shoulder, cupping his jaw as I lose myself in his knee-buckling kisses. Lightness ripples up my legs and I moan into his mouth. My knees go weak, but he holds me up, growling against the back of my neck with a teasing bite. Tingles rain down my spine and I press my hands against the tiled wall, my ass against his cock. Water trickles down my breasts, my moans coming in short, hushed bursts as my climax builds. Freeing my waist, he takes my hair, tied in a loose bun, in his hand.

‘That’s it, babygirl…’ he growls in my ear. ‘Let go…’

Tensing from my fingers to my toes, a luscious wave washes over me. The walls are painted with my cries, trickling down the walls with the condensed moisture, sliding down into the drains.

Silver Fox pulls me back to him, swirling his fingers softer around me as I come back down to Earth. When I finally do, he spins me round, pulling me into a kiss as he winds his tattooed arms around my waist, pressing his hand into the small of my back. His arousal presses hard against my belly and my arms snake around his neck.

‘Come on,’ he murmurs, biting my lower lip. ‘Let’s get more comfortable.’


Wrapped in a fluffy towel, Silver Fox dries me off. Now my turn to take care of him, I take the towel, running it along his skin, drinking in the intricate tattoo of a cross on his back, the wings of angels on either side. Behind the cross are three churches, each tower majestic, and a Latin inscription above running between his shoulders. It’s gothic and beautiful. He turns to face me, a sexy, lazy smile on his lips. I throw the towel over the side of the bath. He holds out his hand and I slide mine in his.

‘Come with me,’ he says.

We go back to the bedroom. I glance over to the chair in the corner. Between my legs twinges delicious at the memories of being shared so fresh in my mind. Now, the room is bare and silent, our footsteps padding across the carpet the only noise. Leading me to the bed, Silver Fox turns down the sheets. The crisp linen scent wafts up in the air.

Silently I crawl on to the bed, sliding under the thick duvet and pulling it up to my neck. I feel my muscles relax into the mattress, sinking into the cloudy comfort. I hum content. Silver Fox chuckles.


Like a cat, I stretch my arms above my head, my back arching.


He slides in beside me and I nuzzle up, staring into his emerald eyes. Skin on skin, his hand caresses along the back of my thigh, up to my behind with a soft squeeze. My hand runs over his chest, up his neck to cup his cheek, as we draw together in a sensual kiss. His hands roam over my ribs, pulling me closer against him, my breasts crushing soft against his chest. Kisses trail along my jaw to my neck, his cock pressing hard against me and gently, he rolls me on to my back. Balancing himself on his knees, he cups my jaw, dipping down for another kiss.

‘Is this what you want?’ he asks, massaging the tip of his cock against my clit. My forehead touches his as I nod, desperately wanting him inside me but not wanting him to stop. My eyes flutter closed, clinging to his muscular shoulders while almost effortlessly, he slides inside me.

I clutch at his strong, tattooed back, whimpers emanating from my chest. Silver Fox captures them, covering my swollen lips in kisses and cupping my breast in his hand, swirling his tongue around my nipple.

‘Fuck…’ he growls. ‘You feel amazing…’

My legs wrap around him, pressing my heels into his behind, guiding him deeper while my fingers rake through his hair. I pull ever so slightly like I had before with the other men. He moans, softly biting at my shoulder with a wicked grin.

‘You bad girl…’

Hot breath rolls down my neck sending a shiver down my spine. I giggle into his neck.

‘You going to punish this bad girl, then?’ I tease.

He thrusts hard. I gasp, my head falling back on to the pillow while he buries his head in my neck.

‘Are you going to be my good girl?’ he teases, nipping at my earlobe. I nod silently, more than happy to be. He circles his hips, grinding deep inside.

We don’t need to say a word to know this is more than just the act itself. Our bodies, our souls, are intertwining, wrapping and rippling around the other. He makes love like a man in love. If that is how he feels for me, then let it be. I surrender myself to him completely.

Melting into him as he kisses my sweet spot, Silver Fox moves harder, thrusting slow and strong. Hushed moans vibrate through my skin, my lips trailing over his tattoos as his sweet, dominant words drive me to the edge. He tenses above me, taking me faster, harder, until his climax washes over him. Gorgeous, primal groans permeate the air, pushing me over the edge, my legs shaking around him as I lose myself in a sweet, heavenly fog.

Floating down back to reality, I’m met with a pair of handsome, serene looking eyes. Silver Fox stares down at me, a sated smile on his face, as he strokes his fingers through my hair. Pulling each other into a warm embrace, we roll on to our sides in the other’s arms, basking in our afterglow.

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