Don’t talk. Just feel.

CONTENT NOTE: Sexual fantasy theme. 

I don’t want you to talk. I don’t want you to think. I just want you to feel and let pleasure guide you.

Let me take you to another place. I’ll take your hand and lead you to the bed, sit you down and see to your belt and jeans. You don’t have to do a thing. I want to make this all about you. I free your cock from your boxers, and take you into mouth. Taking my time, my tongue runs all the way down and up as I take you deeper, my hand twisting the flesh at the base. A breathy moan escapes your lips, your hips tensing and flexing involuntarily into my mouth. I try my best not to gag as I try to take you as deep as I can, before freeing you and starting again.

My fingertips gently massage your balls, stroking my skin over soft and delicate skin as they roll and loll in my palm. I look up and your arms are bent above your head, eyes closed, doing just as I said. Just lose yourself in the feeling. The saltiness of you on my tongue already calms me from my stressful day. I just need your cock in my mouth. I just need you and to give you pleasure.

I take to the edge time and time again, stopping when you moan with shallow, panting breaths that you’re going to come. My tongue swirls over your balls, running from your balls to shaft all the way to your tip, lapping more salty precum on to my tongue. You taste delicious. Releasing you from my mouth with a popping sound, I crawl on to the bed, straddling you between my legs.

Grinding my clit against the head of your cock, you pull me to you, kissing desperately, running your hands down my waist and to the small of my back. Our hips rock in tandem with the other, an instinctive dance both bodies know that speak louder than words. Reaching down, I tease you against my slick, wet slit. You reach down as well, stroking and between my lips and settling at my entrance, before lifting your hips to ease inside me.

Our arms around each other, you slowly move inside me, stretching me, kissing passionate, my breasts pushed up against your chest. My fingers run over your stubble while your hand goes into my hair, holding the back of head while you kiss me, your other hand guiding my hips. As your chest rises, mine falls, merging together as you kiss, and I grind.

Skin on skin is what we need. I need to feel you and you me. You clamp your arm around my waist, moving us up higher on the bed so you can sit up, taking my nipple into your mouth as my hands thread through your fluffy, dark hair. I have to hold you close. I need your strong arms around me. I love your sharp intakes of breath through gritted teeth and how you grunt, your arms tightening around me. Nuzzling my head against your head, we rock and love, growing more urgent.

We moan, grunt, floating and riding, squeezing around you so tight as you grab my hips and thrust upwards, fast and desperate. I watch your face contort and teeth clench as slowly but surely, we get close to the edge. Tender ripples caress through my body, your hold tightening around me as your moans grow louder, and together, we reach euphoria.


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