What will you do?

CONTENT NOTE: Erotic prose. Fiction. 

The look on eyes as you skim over the pink, satin robe has my mind wondering: are you going to slide it open, or tear it off?

Will your strong hands caress my sensitive skin? Or will they prowl and grope, grab and pinch like a hunter devouring its prey?

Will you tease me, keeping me on the edge before pushing me over with your words? Or will you use me? Thrusting your fingers inside me, firmly massaging my g-spot until I’m screaming for you to stop, because after so many orgasms I can’t take any more? But neither of us want to stop, so you sweetly torture me all the more?

Will you make love to me? Or will you fuck me? Will you be gentle or rough? Will you show me the tender expression of your desires, or will you ravish me against the wall, taking me for all I am until you are sated and leave me shaking languid in your arms?

What will you do? I wonder, as you slowly pull the tie loose, and my robe slides open…





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