Vibease Jewel Collection Ruby Review

CONTENT NOTE: This post is not sponsored nor contains any affiliate links. This review is based on the findings with my body. Not all bodies are the same and different users will react differently. 

I want to start off this review by thanking Vibease, for getting in touch with me earlier this year asking me to review this product. I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. 

Also, I’d like to offer an apology. Normally I would have written this review sooner, however due to the current lockdown in the UK, this means all multiple parties are in the house. While I’m certainly not complaining and want everyone safe, that has meant private time for testing products has been a little few and far between. Finding the ‘alone time’ is currently with burning the midnight oil and keeping as quiet as possible! 

So with that, on to the review! 

Vibease very kindly offered me the choice of choosing which of their Jewel Collection products to test: Ruby, Emerald or Onyx. As it looked very different to the other vibrators I have reviewed in the past, I asked if I could review Ruby. 

Ruby has a very unique, tulip like shape, with two curved pieces of silicone (the toy is made of baby pink, body safe & phthalate free silicone) curving up to provide very precise vibrations as opposed to say, a general massager vibrator. At the base is a colour changing LED light that flashes in tandem with whatever speed or pulse vibration you are using. 

It boasts a sleek finish, body safe material, powerful yet quiet vibrations and water resistant. For vibrations, there are three speed settings and four pulse settings. It comes in a cardboard box with a plastic panel to show the vibrator inside. The vibrator sits in a black, plastic mold with a USB charger cable, and user manual in the back. The manual recommends charging Ruby for 3 hours before your first use and that it in general, will take 2 hours to charge the battery fully. 

Currently, Ruby is available for $69USD (yes, I giggled at it being 69, because I’m a mature adult…) 


About the product, here is was Vibease says: Sensually contoured to tease and entice, Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby’s slim and pliable double-tongued tip promises to embrace your clitoris in between its soft folds with powerful vibrations for the perfect pinpoint pleasure you never knew you needed. 


So what did I think of it? Personally, I really liked it. 

While I love my other vibrators that are more phallic and are generally thicker for bother internal and external stimulation, it was really nice to have something that provides more precision in clitoral stimulation. I’m a clitoris gal through and through. If you want a guaranteed orgasm from me, chances are the clitoris will be involved. 

What drew me to this in particular was the thought of potentially replicating oral sex, or something similar, with the tips of this toy. So with a bit of lube, some audio porn and a load of covers to mask any noise (while it is pretty quiet and standard of most vibrators I’ve tried, lockdown vibrator problems require lockdown vibrator solutions. I didn’t want to risk anyone walking in on me!) I set to work!

While obviously, it’s not the same as oral sex from a human, it felt to have that variety to move the tips back and forth against my clit, imagining it was a person. I loved using the tip straight on to my clit under the clitoral hood. Wow! That felt GOOD! However, with the vibrations being more concentrated on the tips, around the sensitive clit, can be uncomfortable or painful. So be gentle before amp-ing up the vibrations straight away. 

Using the vibrations and pulses around my labia and using the tips just inside my vagina with the pulse settings, this is a versatile toy which a definitely would recommend if you’re a fan of clitoral and labial stimulation. The silicone is definitely smooth, it’s small enough to be decent for travel, plus the colour and light detail on the bottom is pretty cool and cute.  


However, one qualm I do have is the discreet button at the base of the vibrator, that controls the vibrations. While I know it’s part of its sleek design and is aesthetically very fitting, I found it difficult to find when using the vibrator between my legs, when wanting to change the setting. So there was a bit of back and forth trying to find it rather than a continuous change where I could just keep it between my legs. So for that, I’d probably suggest a bigger button or a bump-like button to achieve that. 


Apart from that, I really did like this product and is up there being one of my favourite products tested so far. I’ve had some seriously good orgasms with this so I’d recommend. 

For cleaning, I use Ann Summers sex toy spray cleaner before and after every use. If not, the user manual recommends soap and warm water to clean. Also, as the manual states that while water resistant, it should not be completely submerged in water, it would not be safe to sterilise. 


I hope you enjoyed this review, and once again thank you very much to the lovely folks at Vibease for giving me the opportunity to work with them again. 🙂







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