WICKED AQUA and Toy Love Gel Lube Review

Hello sweetie pies!

Since finishing my MA, my posts have been a little erratic as I’ve gone back into my vanilla job. It’s basically been a case of write it up and go.

So when it comes to reviews, I’ve not had an awful lot of time to actually test out said products as my work is often long/crazy hours and I’m simply too tired to think of anything but bed, let alone engage in any kind of sexual activity. So sincere apologies for that.

A little while back, when I tested the Gaia Eco Vibrator, the people who sent it to me also took the liberty of sending me a package full of WICKED lube sachets to try out with it. So a humungous thank you to Oscuro Adult Boutique (formerly Latex Leather and Lace) for the very kind gesture!

As I was sent these products in sachets (and subsequently no longer have them) I cannot really speak about the packaging, as if you purchased them, they would be in bottle form. So for this review, I will be solely speaking about the lubes themselves along with their prices etc.

In said kind gesture, I was sent quite a variety, including a selection of flavoured lubes, anal lube, silicone and water based, along with lube marketed as a gel used with sex toys and generic water based lubricant for all occasions.

Now, due to my boyfriend’s very sensitive skin and my issues surrounding IBS, I have so far been unable to use the flavoured or anal lubes for obvious reasons. The Toy Love Gel Lube and AQUA water based lube however, I was good to try.

First of all, the thing I like about these products is that they clearly list certain aspects people look for in lube. They’re cruelty free, most are vegan friendly, glycerine and paraben free, and also claim to be long-lasting. So that immediately ticks a lot of boxes for me.

I first started off with the WICKED AQUA water based lubricant. On the Oscuro website, a 250ml bottle is available for £7.95. Its claims are that it is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Olive Leaf, designed to heighten sensation, long lasting and non-sticky etc. as well as being fragrance free.

Image credit: wickedsensualcare.com

The odd thing about these lubes is that though water based, they feel quite oil-like. So don’t be alarmed if you try it and wonder if they’ve put the wrong stuff in there, they haven’t!

I suppose this is how they’ve made it to glide on to yourself, a partner(s) or a sex toy better, as opposed to it being thick and difficult to spread (been there and that’s £8 I’m not getting back). So, it is easy to spread and apply to various places of the body and/or sex toys.

As far as AQUA being long lasting, I’d say it lasts as long as my go-to lube, a supermarket brand water based lube, before using some more. That being said, WICKED lube is much better quality and glides and slides much more smoothly. It isn’t sticky or tacky at all, so thumbs up there. However, the oil-like feeling of AQUA wasn’t something I was particularly keen on.

Since school sex ed drilled it into my brain: ‘DO NOT USE OIL AS LUBE WITH CONDOMS.’ I just couldn’t get that out of my brain and I wasn’t altogether as comfortable as I normally would have been, if it didn’t feel like oil. I know that sounds silly, but that’s just me.

Next up, the Toy Love Gel Lube. On the Oscuro website, a 100ml bottle of this lube is available for £9.95. Its claims are: vegan friendly, glycerine and paraben free, safe to use with all toys and latex, a ‘super thick texture’ making it easy to apply to toys, non-drip formula, containing aloe leaf extract to leave skin feeling ‘silky soft’.

Image credit: wickedsensualcare.com

I used this lube with a vibrator, primarily on the clitoris and it was easy to use the toy to glide around my vulva and vagina. Again, it’s similar to AQUA in feeling somewhat oil-like in consistency, however this does feel more like your general, smooth water based lubricant.

True to its word, it wasn’t thin enough to drip everywhere, but not so thick it was impossible to apply. It was, like the AQUA, quite silky in texture (as well as a slight oily feeling) and was easy to apply to toys and areas of the body. It was somewhat thicker than the AQUA lube and as much as I’m an evangelical water-based lube girl, I much preferred this one to AQUA.

My qualm with this lube however, was the price point. To me £9.95 seems a little steep for only 100ml of lube. 250ml + and it would seem more understandable from a profit perspective. So while I would recommend it to try out, I think the company should perhaps reconsider the pricing.

Both were fun to use and I appreciated the sachets to try out, as opposed to the bottles that lube usually comes in, in case I didn’t like them. Overall they are lube I would consider using in the future.


All my love,

Violet xx


*Featured image credit: wickedsensualcare.com

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