Mark Me Yours

Sink your teeth against my flesh

Bite your territory, mark me yours

Whisper filth in to mine ears

‘Til all thought evaporate to dust

Let me feel your lips caress my breasts

Feel their heaviness in your hands

Snake your hands around my waist

Rip my dress seams clean off

Drop to the floor

Flip me facing the wall

“Yeah…You like that?” Your growls roll down my spine

Spanking each cheek rosy

Smacks echo down the dim, empty hall

Possess me with your fingers

Coat me in your woodspiced scent

My coifed curls so roughly scrunched in your fist

Oh, how I love it

Surrendering to you so sweetly

Letting you sink inside me so exquisite

Own me, possess me, mark me yours

Friction against the wall so heavenly

Slamming your hips against my ass

Strong hand gently holding my throat

Taking me to the stars and back

With your sentient words

Arrgghhyeaahhhhh…that’s my good girl…

That’s my dirty girl…”

Propel me to my wildest dreams and beyond

Sheath me in your arms

I lay myself bare for you


Violet Grey

Copyright 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved

*Picture – Pinterest

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