Spank spank here, spank spank there

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet after much talk with the boyfriend and bought our first paddle.

I made sure it was the softest leather I could find amongst the other paddles available. With never using a paddle before, I didn’t want to go all out and buy something I knew full well I couldn’t take. That being said, when I tested it in on the shop on the base of my hand, it still gave some clout.

I was a little apprehensive at first because of this. It was definitely one of those moments where after a while of consideration and fantasy, that split second, “What are you doing?” moment crosses your mind when faced with actually making it a reality.

But the more I tested it on my hand, the more flexible and softer the feel of leather became. This was nothing but a good sign for me. Baby steps and all. So I went and bought it. When I got back, my boyfriend tested it a little through my dress and we really enjoyed it. But I couldn’t wait to feel it for the first time on bare behind.

I got some advice from the lovely collaredmichael that I’d definitely feel the paddle more on bare skin. Never was a truer word spoken!

My boyfriend was in the shower and I made the cheeky decision to join him. We washed each other with soap and as you can imagine, two people romantically involved in the shower together…things can get a little frisky.

Shower sex when done right is bloody awesome. But, when you try to replicate the movies of your guy taking you up against the shower wall, it’s very much an expectation vs. reality moment for us! He’s a fair bit taller than me, so the only way we could achieve this position was if he lifted me and I balanced my feet on the other side of the bath, or I went up so high on my tiptoes I couldn’t balance at all.

Either way, we decided that was waaaaayy too risky and abandoned ship on that one. Yeah, the sex may be great but it’s not worth risking a broken neck for! He offered to take me from behind, but I wasn’t in the mood to go doggy that night. I wanted to face him and be close to him.

He kissed me up against the wall while he used his fingers on me. By heaven, is that man gifted with his fingers! I used my hand on him whilst he did and he came on my stomach. Once we finished in the shower, I head in to the bedroom and got out the paddle from the draw.

“Can you use this on me?” I asked. He took the paddle and he bent me over the bed. I told him to warm me up first as I had with him (he sometimes likes getting spanked too, but not often) which he did before upping the ante. Whether he’s spanking with his hand or an implement, my boyfriend is very strong, so just a little force for him would be reaching my limit for me.

Also, he’s good with using his hand/implement or sensations and building up anticipation, not knowing what’s coming and when. Keeping me waiting is something he definitely enjoys doing! It was lovely to feel the smooth leather before the spanks, as time went on him using his hand to gently ease the sting. He was definitely taking to being dominant like that better than I thought he would.

I looked back at him to see him, freshly showered, shirtless, forearm firm with a paddle in his hand…unnnfff! *inhuman noises* After a few minutes, he stopped.

“I’m stopping now, because you’re arse is really red now.”

I have very pale, sensitive skin so it doesn’t take much! Afterwards, we hugged and laughed while he rubbed some cream in to my behind to help with the sting.

Overall, it was a super fun experience. We both said how much we enjoyed it and up for doing it again when we’re in the mood for the paddle again.

All my love,

Violet xx

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