The Real Me

Climb on board in to my world
I’ll lead you through the fireflies
The glitter, the glamour
The riches and gold
To reveal what no one sees
No one I want to see but you
Vulnerability behind the steel exterior
How I, a worldly man
Lover of many
Yet my heart races like a lovesick boy
When e’er I see you
Climbed walls I erected so impossibly high
Unravelling me from the inside out
You have my heart, my love
This is the real me
The me that loves you e’er so dear


Violet Grey

© 2018, Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Me

  1. Shall I keep this mask?
    The lambent golden glitter
    Beguiling secrets
    Once you cross my garden wall
    I’ll stop your heart with my lips
    Metallic cheekbones
    Infidelity’s sweet wink
    Fireflies, fingertips
    Race to reveal your shy heart
    I’ll retreat behind my moat

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