Sate your desire

CONTENT NOTE: Sexual fantasy theme.

Propped up on my forearms, I spread my legs for you.

I’ve fantasised about this moment for a long time: giving you the green light to satisfy your desires for me. I want to let you fuck me, I want to watch you fuck me. I want to feel every inch of you pumping inside as I watch that pent up pleasure etch itself all over your face.

You drop your draws and boxers, stroking your cock, almost frantic, as you slide your fingers over my pussy.

‘Fuck, you’re so wet!’

I giggle.

‘Did you think I wouldn’t be?’

‘I just didn’t realise you wanted this so badly.’

My hand slides around the back of your neck, pulling you into a deep kiss. You moan surprised, before relaxing against me, weaving your arms around my waist. I break away. Your eyes are dark.

‘I’ve wanted this for a long time,’ I say. ‘I don’t want to wait any longer.’

You gasp as I take your cock in my hand, stroking the head and sliding you through my lips.

‘Please…’ I whisper, almost begging.

Our foreheads touching, you nod.

‘OK…’ You kiss me quick, slowly sinking inside me.

A deep, low moan rumbles in your throat. Pulling me closer, each kiss is more urgent, more passionate than the last as you gently rock your hips. Leaning back on my forearms, I gaze up at you.

‘Don’t hold back… I want to watch you.’

Your breath shakes, stroking over my breast, giving it a firm squeeze, when you really start to move. Taking my hips, you pull me on to your cock in fast, sharp thrusts, chest tightening, a lusty haze washing over your handsome face.


My legs curl around you, breasts bouncing as you fuck me, relentless and unforgiving, eyes closed and lost in your pleasure, just how I wanted you to be.

‘That’s it, baby…’ I encourage you. ‘Take what you want…’

I bask in your shaky groans, your stiffening hips. You like being told you can do what you want, so a little more encouragement can’t hurt, can it? I guide your hand up to my throat, holding it there: a possessive hand, but not tight enough to choke me.

‘Yeah?’ you growl, thrusting harder. ‘Is that what you want?’

I nod, my eyes pleading for more.

‘I want this…’

You don’t hold back. I don’t want you to hold back. Hand around my throat, you suck breaths through gritted teeth, letting loose all your desires, your wants, your needs, drawing closer to the edge.

You pull me up, smack against you, strong arms around my waist, my breasts crushing against your chest. Kisses rain over my neck as your hand slides up into my hair and you grab a fistful.

‘Oh fuck, I’m gonna come…’

‘That’s it, baby. Come for me,’ I whisper in your ear, kissing your shoulder. ‘You can do it…’

That sends you over the edge. Burying your face into my neck, your climax roars through my skin, clamping your arms tighter around me, hips pumping slow and strong into me, felling your release drip between my legs….

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