CONTENT NOTE: Sexual fantasy.

There’s no other way to say this: I want to switch my brain off. By that, I mean switch it off from the outside world, the stresses of work and the metallic roar of the subway on my daily route home.

The only way I can do this? Give my control, every whim, to him. I don’t want to have to think about what’s for dinner, how long it will take to cook or what I’ll be wearing. I don’t want to worry about time management. I want him to make my mind quiet, blissful, and serene.

I get dressed in my finest lingerie, my favourite: a black balconette bra, underwear, stockings and suspenders, all lace. Get the mood lighting just right when you call me into the bedroom.

There you are, sitting on the edge of the bed. Black shirt, sleeves rolled up and the top buttons undone. Black trousers, black belt… The twist of the leather clasped between his strong hands…it makes me throb between my legs.

‘On your knees,’ you command gently.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to kneel at your feet. I can already feel the soothing, the soft wash of my thoughts out of my head. The quiet I desperately need.

‘Here’s what going to happen, kitten.’ You tilt my chin up to look at you. ‘You’re going to get on the bed on all fours. I’m going to use my belt and then…’

You pull my lips to yours in a possessive kiss.

‘I’m going to use you. Do you understand?’

I nod.

‘Yes Sir.’

You smile, brushing your thumb over my bottom lip.

‘Good girl. Now come on. Hop up.’

I obey. God, it feels so good to obey you. I need your touch. I need you. I get on all fours as commanded, while you warm up my backside, kneading and pulling the soft flesh in your hands, sliding my panties off my legs, exposing my pussy for you. You growl appreciative, running your fingers over the lips.

‘Wet already…’

I can feel the smile spreading across your cheeks, before you spank mine. Soft, naughty smacks, more kneading, soothing the sting before spanking harder. Each strong blow a serene kiss to my body. I purr as every couple of smacks, you massage my pussy, my clit, sinking his fingers inside me in slow, sensual rhythm.

I grab at the pillows, scrunching the sheets under my fingers. Your hand roams up my back, softly scratching your nails back down. My back arches.

‘You ready for the belt, kitten?’

The licks of the belt, Old Faithful as you call it, curls my toes, my mind floating as your hand calms each stinging kiss of leather. It hurts so good, that when you slide inside me, slamming your hips against mine, the blend of pain and pleasure has me groaning my climax into my pillow.

‘That’s it…’ you grunt, ‘Take it like my good little slut you are…’

You pin my arms behind my back, thrusting deeper, harder. Yes… Please… Let me give you all of me, purring to a calm, quiet euphoria as your grunts paint my body, releasing into me.

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