Becoming undone

In case you haven’t noticed, I love sex. Sex is easily one of my all time favourite things in the world. Slow and sensual, rough, vanilla, kinky, I enjoy sex an awful lot.

I love pleasure. I love giving pleasure and I love receiving it. I love the gentle caress of skin on skin, the intimacy that comes with two people (or more for some folks!) being naked together and in my opinion, one of the human condition’s most vulnerable states.

I was always taught growing up that sex is one of the greatest physical expressions of two people in love. Having had that experience myself with a man I love, I can safely say when it comes to sex, for me there’s no better feeling that doing it with someone I’m in love with. Obviously, that’s not the case for everyone, so if you prefer casual sex or friends with benefits etc. no judgement there.

This quote is honestly, so good in this context. That first time with someone (it doesn’t have to be your ‘first time’) new, when you’re both crazy into each and that moment of realisation when the clothes start coming off that things are being taken to the next level (doesn’t necessarily mean sex and could be other types of fooling around, if you’re not ready, or just don’t want, to go all the way) is a really unique feeling. That rush of adrenaline. The ‘oh shit, this is really happening!’ excitement.

As well, this doesn’t have to be exclusive to your first time being intimate together. I’ve been with my guy almost five and a half years now, and when the clothes start coming off, believe me, I am riled up! Like I said, I bloody love sex. Better yet, I love sex with someone I love.

Along with the loving, comes the fucking.

Yes, obviously you can ‘fuck’ someone you love. Aside from the pleasure and intimacy in sex, the variety in sharing our sexualities with each other is something I deeply enjoy. There’s nothing quite like your significant other’s hands prowling over you, squeezing your breasts, your ass, kissing you and telling you how much they want you.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I was never really cut out for casual sex. Yes, I may find you attractive, my ovaries may go WOW and I might think, ‘I definitely wouldn’t say no to a night with (x)’ but when it really comes down to it, I need to form a proper connection. Plus, nine times out of ten, be in a relationship with someone to even seriously considering shedding clothes with them, despite what my ovaries might want right there and then. So if I was going to fuck, it’s fucking someone I definitely want to see again and have had the ‘yes, we’re together’ stamp of approval. That’s just how I’ve always been. I don’t know any different.

Let me tell you, it’s FUN. I love how intertwined loving and fucking can be. In some facets of our societies there’s often this distinction between lust and love. Love good, lust bad. Love makes you nice girl. Lust makes you whore. But it’s much more complex than that. Lust and love can not only be interlinked, but complimentary to each other.

Being candid, there are many times I look at my boyfriend and just want to jump his bones. When he does that thing guys do, where they put their hands behind their head and you can see all his toned, strong triceps? UNF. That alone is enough to make me go: I may have to sit on your dick immediately. That, as well as times when I cuddling him, hanging out with him, making love to him and think about just how much I love him.

That vulnerability is what I share, it’s what I trust him with and his with me. Having that with someone you love, there’s not another feeling quite like it.


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