Do what you want. I want you to.

CONTENT NOTE: Sexual fantasy theme. 

He’s come home from work. He’s had a stressful day and I want to make him feel better. I’m horny (big surprise) and I know exactly the thing that will make him feel better.

I make him a drink, take him to the chair and unbuckle his belt, pulling them and his boxers to around his ankles. I take his cock in my hands and mouth, licking, sucking and kissing until it’s rock hard.

Removing my top, I’m braless underneath. I don’t want him to do anything. Just relax as I take the day’s stresses away for him. I worship his silky, hard flesh. I revel in every flexing muscle, gasp and moan as I run my tongue along the tip, sucking the bulbous head into my mouth.

The tension I feel in him gradually washes away. I gaze up at him while he threads his hands into my hair, gently guiding my head in just the way he likes. He rests his head on the back of the chair, eyes hooded with an open mouth. My hands twist and slowly pump around his cock, alternating my lips and hands, sucking his balls into my mouth and rolling them along my tongue.

I can feel his chest rising and falling, faster, until he’s panting. I close my breasts around him, using them to jerk him off while he watches. He tells me how good it feels, how he’s getting so close.

The familiar, luscious ragged breath of a man about to cum graces my ears. I push my breasts together and up in one hand, pumping his cock in the other until he cums all over them. Slick and silken, he pants sated in his chair, while I tease his tip over my nipples, a content smile resting on my lips.

After he’s come around, he wants to fuck me. Don’t have to tell me twice. I want him to put me wherever he wants, however he wants, to do whatever he wants. On my back, on top, on all fours, on my side. Fucking my pussy, fucking my ass, face-fuck, tit-fuck, whatever you want, you can have it. Do what you want. I want you to.

Masturbation Monday


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