A ‘Little’ introspection

In my post ‘Big brat energy’ I received a comment that really got me thinking. In spite of my saying I am not a Little, do I in fact, have a ‘little’ side?

It’s something I’ve thought about a fair bit since exploring my kinks. My and my boyfriend generally have a dynamic (not D/s related, just to clarify) where he resonates strongly (like a lot of guys) with providing for one’s family, spouse etc. I work and contribute to provide as well.

My boyfriend is very protective of me. He takes pride in making sure I am taken care of, because he enjoys doing that.

This kind of dynamic has spawned a mass of running jokes between us as seen in ‘Big brat energy.’ He jokes that I’m this small, adorable thing that needs to be looked after and I play up to it. Those in the kink world might say we have similarities to a CG/l (Caregiver/little) or DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl) dynamic. 

However, we don’t have any such arrangement. We joke around and have those little things that make our relationship our relationship, like any other couple. This side of us isn’t related to kink. That being said, this is what got me thinking. Can these little (no pun intended) traits I have, mean I have a Little side?

I may well have a ‘little’ side, in that sometimes I just want to be taken care of and forget the outside world for a bit. It is a similarity that many Littles can relate to, especially when turning to their Caregivers, Daddy/Mommy Dom/me etc.

But, when I’ve looked into Littles and CG/l arrangements, much of it just doesn’t resonate with me. For example, the concept of a ‘little age’ doesn’t strike a chord with me at all, among other things.

But I can’t deny, that my submissive style is really in its element with a Dominant type who’s style thrives off being protective (not possessive, unless it’s in the bedroom 😉 ) and looking after their subs. A more soft, gentle dominance if you will. Like a Daddy Dom without the typical DD/lg dynamic, if that makes sense?

My submissive style (like most) is so complex. So while I exhibit some ‘Little’ traits, I don’t call or consider myself a Little. It just doesn’t fit with me. Like how I may have some Slave-like traits, I don’t go by that label either. It’s an ever-evolving entity.

I describe this side of myself as my ‘cute’ side. Where I just want to feel cute and adorable. Like I have my ‘domme’ – femme fatale-like persona, my ‘sensual’ self, I have my ‘cute’ self. Whether they appear as so, I don’t know, as I’m awkward as fuck!

I hope this is making sense. I’m still figuring a lot of this out, so please bear with me!

Feeling safe and cared for is a BIG thing for me as a submissive. I need that in that type of dynamic. Without that, forget it. Not happening. Nope. Nay. Nada. No.

I see lighter, not-so-hardcore BDSM dynamics that are Sir/kitten, Master/kitten, Daddy/kitten (as you can tell, ‘kitten’ is a pet name I love!) that I resonate with. It has that softer edge that I need, as you can see from the bratty side of my submission, strict rule following doesn’t fit well with me!

I may be able to do it for a certain amount of time, but eventually, as you saw in last night’s post, the ‘brat’ will come out!

All my love,

Violet xx


7 thoughts on “A ‘Little’ introspection

  1. I totally get this, I’ve never been in an official D/s dynamic, but have instead explored a variety of D/s angles within a generally kinky dynamic and I definitely have little tendencies but have never fully identified as a little, like you I enjoy the softness and cute aspect of embracing that side of myself and it often feels very comforting and safe too ☺️ fabulous post c

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    1. Really? That makes a lot of sense. Every other article I’ve read on Littles and GC/l, DD/lg dynamics always mentioned a ‘little age’ so I figured they were a concrete thing. I’ll be sure to take that on board; learn something new every day 😊 Thanks Michael, hope you’re well! 😘 xx


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