The Switch Up (Flash Fiction. NSFW)

They grappled at each other’s clothes, tearing at the fibres while their lips crashed against each other.

With a hard slam he pinned her against the wall, grabbing fistfuls of her skirt and yanking it up. She desperately unbuckled his belt, almost ripping the zipper, pulling his trousers to his knees.

Off came the shirts, thrown carelessly to the carpets. They stole each other’s breath as they kissed, her hands winding into his hair. His hands trailed over her hips, working their way down until his fingers rested upon her clit.

Her gasps were silenced with his lips, moaning into his mouth while he circled. Suddenly, she pushed him back. The devilish glint in her eyes said it all for him.

‘Get down on your knees.’

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