The bratty streak in me

As you know, I’m a switch in my kinky identity. I can switch between various kink-related roles, more specifically for me, Top and Bottom, and Dominant and Submissive.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I poke fun at myself with my introspections and discoveries as a switch. It namely includes a GIF I find funny accompanied by the hashtag, #SwitchProblems.

With being a switch, sometimes I want to dominate and rock my mental latex corset, or a submissive mood where I want to be dominated, protected and cared for etc.

Then there’s the bratty streak, and recently she’s been coming out to play in full force.

I like the idea of trying a bratting/brat taming scene. It seems like good fun and well, I’m a sucker for the extra being dominated that comes with it (the firm, stern voice? *melts*) However, it can come out when I’m in a conflict of moods.

If I’m strongly feeling in dominant and submissive frames of mind at the same time? Boy oh boy! My kinky little brain goes into meltdown. You know that Ace Ventura scene where he gets speared in both legs and is screaming his head off? Slight exaggeration but it’s a bit like that.

Enter the brat!

She comes out when both the Domme and sub sides are vying for the top spot, or if I’m just generally stressed. In a way, she’s the perfect middle ground between the two. Comfortably submissive, but just dominant enough to go “You can’t tell me what to do!” *engage pouty face*

Think grown-up Tinkerbell and there you have it!

When I came back from Eroticon, I was on a high from all the sex blogging, historical, kinky goodness that was available to learn, see and experience. It was amazing to be around like minded people and not have to be so guarded about my love of kinky fuckery and alternative sexual identity.

So riding on that high (especially with new sex toys to try! Reviews coming soon!) my inner kinkster was ready to play. The paddle I bought months ago, vibrators, domination and submission, the works. I wanted to do and try everything.

But like I mentioned, both sides of me wanted to play: the dominant and the submissive. As they clashed horns in my head they merged and morphed into the brat. As you can imagine, the brat is well…bratty.

When the brat comes out, I don’t throw temper tantrums. Temper tantrums aren’t my thing but it’s the closest thing to one for me. I can get irritable and snappy. I just want comfort right there, right then. This usually comes in the form of getting wrapped up in a blanket, sentimental stuffed animal my boyfriend got me (you’re never too old for a cute stuffed animal!) with a cup of tea and Netflix. Or that and cuddles.

So basically the stuff I love anyway, but even more so. And with my boyfriend having a strong caregiver nature, he can deal with these moods pretty well when they strike.

That being said, instead of being irritable, majority of the time it will (if it doesn’t come out that way to begin with) end up playful. A “I’m in a bratty mood, catch me if you can!” mood. She’s cheeky, rebellious and wants to get spanked and dominated because that power exchange and playful dynamic is fun for me. She gets off on the idea of “funishments” and the thrill of the chase, quite literally!

Either way, that’s what the brat wants. Whether she’s moody or got that mischievous twinkle in her eye, she always wants the same thing. To be dominated, either through a caring cuddle or some good ol’ fashioned kinky fuckery. While I melt at the words “good girl” the brat’s a part of me that loves being bad *winks*.

Oh, you want to spank me? You’ll have to catch me first *winks, giggles and starts running*


All my love,

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest

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