Set the mood…

There are many things that are a turn on for me. And now, being a 20-something woman who wants to fully embrace her sexuality in all its weird and wonderful forms, there’s been a few surprises so far along the way as what actually does turn me on!

Do you have a go to aphrodisiac? 

It really depends. Music’s never let me down and I do love a good ethereal song with a bassline, or a good smooth jazz song you can just zone out to. I do love me some Ruelle, Lana Del Rey, Banks, The Weeknd etc. General rule of thumb is if it has a sexy vibe to it, it will be an aphrodisiac for me!

Plus, I am a total sucker for a nice smelling men’s aftershave! My boyfriend has a few that he wears and I remember when I first met him being completely intoxicated by this gorgeous aftershave he was wearing. I

I remember in my first job (I used to work selling perfumes) I used to love working in the men’s section. It was a more relaxed dept. and the customers were great. One of my proudest moments was selling a hefty bottle of Bleu de Chanel (one of my all time favourites) to a lovely gent looking for something new!

What things put you in a sexy mood?

I love lingerie but don’t wear it often, because I’ve either just never got round to investing in some sexy pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while, or had to prioritise my pennies for other, more important things.

I love getting all dressed up and going out to somewhere swish, with some nice chilled music and where I feel like a million dollars. When I do that I feel super sexy. As well as that, just being in my comfy clothes, cuddling up with my boyfriend and just spending some quality time together. That makes me feel sexy because it’s just so intimate.

Do you have a favourite “love potion/cocktail” that you know your partner can’t resist? 

He loves it if I’m wearing a shirt without a bra around the house, or when we’re in bed and the boobs are on display. He’s very much a boob man!

He loves when I wear lingerie. I remember when he was picking me up, I was dressed in a loose shirt and pencil skirt, and on the way back to his, I slowly lifted the hem of my skirt to show my stockings and suspenders. The look on his face was priceless!

Plus, he loves when we go over a speed bump and he notices my boobs bounce. Or when I’m walking with him and the boobs naturally bounce as I walk. Basically the boobs, that man is all about the boobs! xD


All my love,

Violet xx


*Picture – Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Set the mood…

  1. collaredmichael

    I like your likes! And I understand your boyfriend’s fascination with boobs. I love them too, but I tend to like regions a little lower on the body. All displays of my Queen’s body tend to make Angus feel cramped. But that’s the way it should be—shouldn’t it??

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    1. Haha definitely! I couldn’t blame you she’s stunning! 😊 He loves the lower regions as well but if he had to choose between boobs or bum in a general sense (this has been asked many a time lol) he chooses boobs every time! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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