Lioness (Collaboration with Passionate Liaisons)

Hello you lovely people!

Here is another piece of erotic fiction me and Passionate Liaisons produced recently that we had a lot of fun writing. We hope you enjoy it! This one is called Lioness.



Your lioness is here, darling. Ready and wanting.

You’re my prey tonight. I always get my catch.

I’m going to show you why the lioness rules the pride.

I’m going to show you where my passion can take you.

Your clothes won’t be needed, sweetheart. I want what’s inside.

I know from the hungry, mischievous glint in those eyes, you’re daring me to see the most lascivious things I can do to you.

Let me take you, as you walk closer to the bed.

Let me hold you down, while I ride on my lusts atop you.

I think you like me grinding on your hardness, don’t you?

I think you like me taking you inside me, don’t you?

Yes, baby…groan. Keep telling me how much you want more.

Keep begging me with your shaking whispers to make you mine. Oh, sweetheart, I will…

Your hardness tells me what I need to know, your moans and breathless cursing gives me what I need.

Grinding hard, bodies slapping.

My breasts ravishing your face.

Fuck…yes baby, suck them.

Oh fuck that feels good; now take this.

Let me grind and milk you hard while I watch you spiral over the edge…

I know you like that too. Fire roars in my belly while you stiffen under me…


You do feel good when you climax.

I capture your lips while you shake, groaning in your bliss…

Thank you baby, for letting your lioness have her way with you.



Violet Grey & Passionate Liaisons

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet & Passionate Liaisons

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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