Here I Am (Collaboration with Passionate Liaisons)

Recently, I’ve been thrilled to collaborate with the lovely Passionate Liaisons to produce some erotic fiction. We’ve had an absolute blast and they’ve been an absolute pleasure to write with!

This is one of the two pieces of fiction we wrote, called Here I Am. Enjoy!



Here I am.

It was just a lift, you took me home and here I am, using the clichéd line and asking you up for a coffee.

We made it inside, the kettle is cold but the mood is hot. Here I am, I barely know you yet you’re in my flat with your hands over my body.

I’ve always had to have the upper hand, yet here I am with my clothes on the floor wanting you to awaken the animal within me.

Your rough hands know my every sweet spot. I sigh against your lips, moan in to your mouth as your tongue slithers over mine, crushing my breasts against your solid chest. The way your lips graze against my smooth skin makes my body purr. Your hardness rubbing against the top of my thigh makes me desire you, your passion, all of you. Here I am submitting to you.

There you are, spreading my legs.

There you are, teasing me so wickedly.

There you are, as I feel you lusciously enter me.

Here we are, sharing our bodies, two become one flesh, passionate lovers incarnate.

Here we are, riding our climax, our desires released in carnal moans and grunts.

Here I am, sated for now, shuddering at your lips caressing my skin. Your body hot against, inside mine.

Here I am desiring more.



Violet Grey & Passionate Liaisons

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet & Passionate Liaisons

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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