You want what in my mouth?

The first time I gave a guy a blowjob was at 20.

When I met my boyfriend, it didn’t take us long to get intimate together. This came as a bit of a shock to me, because I was always conservative in comparison to my friends with, “I’ll wait a few months”. But hey, when the time’s right, the time’s right!

In my first relationship at 19, it was 4 weeks in to our short lived romance when I had sex for the first time. I didn’t expect to do it so early in, but it was right at the time. My first wasn’t fantastic, to be honest. Could have been worse, but not great by any means.

It hurt, a lot, no matter how slow he took it. He thought once I’d loosened up after a few thrusts it was ok to go at a semi-jackhammer speed, which made it hurt again (seriously, don’t do that. Just take things slowly and don’t rush it). So it was very stop, start, stop, start. We didn’t have any lube to help matters, and the bow to disastrously wrap it all up: the condom split. So yeah…not exactly amazing.

It sure was an awkward eye opener getting the morning after pill the next day, with naïve 19-year-old me answering the nurse’s question, “No, I’ve never been paid for sex.”

Anyway, I digress.

So when it came down to my boyfriend, whom I met 18 months after that relationship ended, there was a lot I hadn’t done. Not oral sex, anal sex, sex in general really. I only had that one sexual experience to go off (minus some passing flirtations in that 18 months, where the opportunity to have sex presented itself and I turned down) plus I’d never watched porn at that time, so my points of reference for knowing what to do with most things weren’t all that great.

Though it didn’t take us long to go all the way, we took things slowly in the lead up. I told him of my inexperience and he was very patient. He never once rushed me and as we took things to the next level physically, I wanted to do oral sex before going all the way with him.

I rolled down a condom (we hadn’t been to get tested together at that point) and was a little apprehensive about my choice of French Letter. Should I use the flavoured one I had? Throwing better judgement to the side, I gave it a try with the regular condom and saw how it went.

It felt good having his cock in my mouth. I loved the feel of it. I loved his reactions. But sure enough, the regular condom tasted beyond foul! I had to stop and change it. There was no way I could carry on when it tasted like I was sucking off a pair of Marigold gloves, yuck! Strawberry flavoured this time. Much better! It tasted nice, he seemed to enjoy what I was doing and we were being safe. Score!

After getting tested, that was another first too. Having the taste of him on my tongue, feeling him getting more excited in my mouth.

One of my fondest memories was getting on my knees, unzipping his trousers, and giving him a blowjob in front of a full length mirror in our hotel room…at my sister’s wedding, in between the wedding breakfast and the reception.

The bridesmaid sucking off the best man with the guests downstairs? *Gasps* Oh, how naughty!

Now? Well…I do like using my mouth! *giggles*.


All my love,

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest

7 thoughts on “You want what in my mouth?

  1. collaredmichael

    Sorry your first time was less than good, but it sounds like this boyfriend has things figured out. Hot story about your sisters wedding. Might be worth a full post “treatment”. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was considering it! 😂
      I don’t hold anything against ex for the first time, we were both young and you learn with time and experience. And definitely, my bf certainly does have it figured out, no complaints here! 😉 lol xx

      Liked by 1 person

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