Dimly lit room under city lights
Velvet plush chair, he lies
Naked bosom his lips do kiss
Drinking in angelic cries
Above him, she rides
Hips circling a slow grind
Alabaster skin under fingertips caress
In lust, their hearts bind
Indulging, tasting
Sweet rosy lips bewitch
Beauty laid bare, for his eyes only
Feeling blessed, honoured and rich
Soft curves, silky skin
Passion hungrily does fledge
On and on, she grinds and rides
Blissfully pushing him over the edge

Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Ride

    1. collaredmichael

      Ah Nora, we were watching Outlander on Netflix the other day. A phrase came up about “grinding her corn”. Yes you can guess what they are talking about. And imagine it said with a very thick Scottish accent. The phrase has become part of our lexicon now! lol
      Oh and that episode featured a husband giving his wife a bare bottomed spanking.

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