Only For Tonight

My skin stands on end at his touch
The feel of calloused hands burning through my dress
He caresses me softly in the way he knows I love

Tracing his hands over the curves of my hips
“Take them off,” he whispers in my ear
I lift the skirt of my LBD he loves so much
And begin to unclasp my suspenders from my stockings
He takes my wrist
“Slowly,” he commands softly
Tracing the inside of my wrist with his thumb
He takes my hand and grazes it across his five o’clock shadow
Placing a gentle kiss in my palm
With a sweet smile, I do as he says
Slowly rolling the stocking down my thigh
His blue eyes watch me hungrily as he loosens his tie

We only have each other for tonight
One night
Then we go our separate ways

I reach for the zip of my dress.
“Here,” he says, “allow me…”
His shirt grazes my back as he moves behind me
I feel the clip in my hair loosen and he tosses it on the desk
My hair cascades down my back
“Beautiful…” he murmurs and brushes it over my shoulder
His lips brush sensuously over the back of my neck as he gradually pulls down my zip
My chest rises and falls
He snakes a strong hand inside my dress
Pinning me against his hard chest
Skin on skin touch, electricity jolts
Trailing soft kisses along my neck
Colours burst under my eyelids
My heart races in my chest
I shudder deliciously
I can’t hold out, I give in
I lean back in to the crook of his shoulder
I’m completely his

“Is this what you want?” he asks playfully
Peeling my dress off one shoulder
His skin on mine is too much
My breath sticks in my throat
He trails his hands along the lace of my bra
Giving my breasts a gentle squeeze
I let out a hot gasp
“Yes…” I breathe
Every second feels like a day
Every minute a year
I open my eyes, he smiles down at me
Blue eyes smoulder
“Lie down.” He says, “Tonight, I’m yours.”



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Jack Vettriano

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