The Lavender Bath

The aroma of French lavender and rosemary fills her nose as she soaks in the bath. Steam floats up, creating swirls in the air above the mass of bubbles. She takes a cleansing breath and her body starts to unwind.

“How does that feel?” Sir asks, cupping his hands and trickling water down her back. He kneels at the side of the bath, softly rubbing his bubble covered hand across her bare skin. She hums serene.

“Fantastic,” she purrs, “Thank you, Sir.”

His lips tug up in a gentle smile that meets his dancing, blue eyes.

“You’re very welcome. Got to keep my princess pampered, haven’t I?” A low chuckle permeates in his chest while he massages his fingers deep in to her shoulders, circling and pressing sweetly in to her drenched skin. All the excitement amassed from an evening’s exhilarating scene deliciously releases. A cathartic breath leaves her lungs and she groans at the heavenly feel of her relaxing muscles.

“That you do, Sir.” She smiles up him. He cups his hands again, gently massaging the water in to her hair and down the length of her back for what feels like an age. Sitting in the water, lost in the soothing lavender scent and the feel of Sir’s hands tending to the body he’d worked so lusciously, she could have stayed there forever if she could.

Lifting her eyes, she sees Sir, just like before, beaming down at her. He strokes a hand over her wet hair when he bends down, brushing his lips against hers. She hovers under the soft brush of skin when he draws his mouth down to hers in a sensuous kiss that makes her insides melt.

With a content sigh, he pulls her in to his chest. At first she takes care not to get his shirt wet but he doesn’t seem to care. Nestling her head in his hand, he kisses the top of her soaked forehead, stroking his fingers across her temple.

“I love you, princess…” he murmurs.

Butterflies dance and roll in her stomach. Warmth radiates from his hard chest and she gazes up in to her handsome husband’s eyes. A bright smile spreads across her cheeks.

“I love you too, Sir.”

Violet Grey
Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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