Oral fixations (Erotica)

NOTE: This post is brought to you in partnership with Honey Play Box, a sex toy brand based in California. If you click the affiliate links in this post and enter VIOLET at checkout, you receive a 20% discount. I also receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. A massive thank you to Honey Play Box for sponsoring this post!

She loves nothing more than his tongue between her legs. Slowly working over her clit, kissing and circling, sucking and nibbling. His hands clamping around the tops of her thighs as they shake either side of his head, as he draws orgasm after orgasm from her writhing body.

But he is away on business for the week. He will not be home for another five days. But he left her a gift. Wrapped in paper and a ribbon with a bow on their marital bed with a note: For my Love. I want nothing more than to ensure your pleasure, whatever way that may be. I’ll be thinking of you until I return. x

She carefully unwraps her gift, inside finding a box: Succion 3-in-1. A sex toy for suction, a silicone tongue on one end of the wand, a g-spot curve on the other. She has the day’s work to do, so she surmises with a smile, to play with her new toy in the evening before bed. Like any new sex toy, she sets it up to charge, and sets about her day.

When it’s night time, she slips into her silk nightgown, limbs sore from the physical labour of the afternoon’s work. But she’s excited to try what she knows will certainly relax her. She’s cleaned the smooth silicone and suction attachment and grabs a bottle of lube from her bedside table drawer. Squeezing a generous dollop onto her fingers, she spreads her legs wide, smoothing the cold lube over her pussy. Through her labia, up to her clit. She pulls down the straps of her gown, exposing her breasts, squeezing lube onto her sensitive nipples that harden and pucker against the cold.

Dusky, warm light fills the bedroom from the lamps, the curtains closed and a comforting meal in her belly. Tiredness tugs at her eyelids, but her clit pulses, desperate for release. She presses the top button and it lights up red, then presses the middle to start the tongue. She lets out a long-awaited, relieved sigh as the tapered silicone tip moves up and down her lube-slicked clit. Slowly, methodically, it moves, the vibrations sending tingles from between her legs up her body. Her eyes flutter closed and she sinks deeper into the soft mattress. Yes. She needs this.

She gives into the pleasure, warm wetness gathering between her legs as she imagines the pink, silicone tongue is him. She imagines with every press of the button picking up its pace, it’s his soft, skilled tongue lapping at her nectar. Kissing, sucking and licking at her lips, at her clit, she imagines his stubble scratching her inner thighs. The vibrations are his moans, his growls, and she imagines his words against her skin as she rocks in a slow rhythm.

That’s my good girl.

So wet for Sir, aren’t you?

I fucking love how you beg for me.

That’s my good fucking girl. Cum for me.

Her free hand clutches are the sheets, her fingers digging into the silken fabric into a fist as she begins to writhe. She needs this. She wants this. The climax she’s been craving ever since he left this morning. She imagines him pulling her harder onto his tongue as he laps greedily, hugging her thighs around his head until she loses every shred of control she has.

Her climax hits her hard, convulsing through her as she pants. Desperate, luscious moans she wishes he could hear leaves her and her toes curl into the sheets as her back arches off the mattress, until every last delicious ripple leaves her body.

It’s only as she’s coming down from her high when she hears the footsteps on the other side of the door. Her brow furrows, and as the door opens, her lips spread into a smile. It’s him. His amused eyes don’t leave hers as he sets his suitcase on the ground, loosening his tie and undoing the top button of his shirt.

“I thought you weren’t back until tomorrow.”

“Flight was delayed for five hours, then got cancelled.” He takes off his jacket, flashing her a sexy half-smile. “I see you’ve been having fun. What do you think?”

She turns off the vibrator, leaving the room silent.

“I like it,” she grins. “Want to join me?”

He kicks off his shoes and crawls on the bed of top of her. He kisses her deeply and she spreads her legs for him, wrapping them around his hips and winding her arms around his neck. He gazes down at her, brushing his fingers over the top of her hair.

“Like I could ever resist you…” he murmurs, giving her a small peck on the lips. “How about we try your g-spot next? I know how much you love when I make you cum there…”


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