Give Me What I Need

CONTENT NOTE: The following pet names are used between consenting adults in a BDSM style Femdom scene. 

I love how you beg me to warm your ears with my thighs. I love how you look up at me, on your knees, eyes pleading while you beg me to sit on your face. 

Running my fingers through your curls, I tighten my grip and pull your head back, exposing your throat for me to kiss. Your whimpers are so cute, especially when I stroke your throbbing cock through your underwear. 

‘Miss…’ you stutter. ‘Please… I need it so bad…’ 

How could I say I no? Especially after I’ve teased you for the last half hour, making you watch me come but not able to touch me? 

‘Well, since you’ve been so good.’ I kiss your lips. ‘Lie down.’ 

Your eyes light up as you obey, the o-ring in your collar clinking as you move. Straddling your face, I lower down to your lips, where you’re more than happy to oblige giving me another wave of pleasure. 

Your tongue laps along my clit, gently running the tip through my labia, from bottom to top, through the middle, flicking your tongue back and forth on my clit, kissing gently. My hips rock slow, my fist still in your hair, guiding you just how I want you. A soft moan escapes my lips.

‘Good boy…You know just how I like it…’ 

Your moans vibrate against my thighs, kissing, sucking as you thank me for letting you pleasure me. 

‘I just want to be a good boy for you, Miss…’ 

‘Shhh-shhh-shhhh…’ I murmur, stroking my fingers through your hair as I rock. ‘Just concentrate on making me come…’ 

We lose ourselves in the pleasure you give, in the pleasure I get, as only the sounds of our moans, groans and heavy breath. I reach back and stroke the tip of your cock through the unbuttoned front in your boxers. Your lips slick with my juices, your hands clamp around my thighs as I tease your tip, honey warmth pooling in my centre, rising up my belly, into my chest as I rock faster. Pleasure bubbling inside me, when a gentle kiss on my clit is all it takes for me to topple over the edge, erupting in my throat in panting moans, inner thighs shaking as with soft licks and kisses, you bring me back down to reality. 

Staring down, your eyes are as dark and filled with orgasmic haze as mine. Your underwear is wet with your release. I smile. 

‘Good boy.’ 

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