Woo me with words

“Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”— Rachel Wolchin

I love words.

I love books. I love music. I love love letters and art. I love professions of love and a good, deep and philosophical conversation. Words are my lifeblood as I try to make stories come to life with words on the page.

Words mean so much to me. While I believe actions speak louder than words, words are still important and need to be used wisely. Words can lift up or strike down. They can spark something beautiful or break years of trust in a split second. They can make a person or destroy them.

I’ve said many things in the past that to this day I bitterly regret. I’ve said hurtful things I can never take back. I’ve been hurt by words that can never be taken back. They might be forgiven, but it was still done.

On the flip side, my words make up a big part of how I express love for someone. I’m the type of person who will tell you I love you multiple times a day. I’ll say what I think about beautiful places and people. I’ll describe it. Some words are just too beautiful not to use them. Being a writer and creative type, I speak a bit like a writer. There’s no way Harper Lee and Andrea Levy hasn’t rubbed off on me. I’ve been called dramatic or over the top for it, that I don’t need to talk all whimsical, but I just want to speak from the heart. That’s just how I talk and since it’s not hurting anyone or myself, I won’t apologise for it.

Then, of course, there’s the part we’re all here for on the blog: the sexy words.

The psychological aspects of kink, BDSM and sex are very much the foundation of how I enjoy my sexy time. Dominance and submission is a primarily psychological thing for me, with that, words playing a primary part. As we all know, being called ‘good girl’ is enough to make me melt into a submissive puddle.

Having a praise kink involves words as well as actions. Praise me. Tell me nice things. Tell me I’m safe and I’m such a good girl for you while you cuddle and fuck me. Let me know how much I mean to you.

That and again, being self-confessed bookworm, a passionate conversation about books is a great way to bond with me. Especially in a romantic scenario, that’s something that really does get my brain fired up.

So that coupled with my praise kink is a guaranteed ‘foreplay starts way before the bedroom’ for me and a partner. Woo me with the words, before wooing me between the sheets!


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