Patreon re-launch, Erotica Commissions & Class Update

Ok, so this post is going to be an update as to what’s happening regarding full-time smutting.


It’s been a little while since I did Patreon because, life.

However, obviously with going into erotica writing, doing this blog full-time, I’ve taken the step to re-launch my Patreon with new tiers. Like most folks, COVID19 has screwed me over on the job front, so now this is my job. Writing and teaching smut for you lovely people!

So if you want to, feel free to pledge here! 🙂

For $3+ a month you can access exclusive erotica, not published anywhere else, so solely Patreon content, along with workshopping ideas for the erotica I write, exclusive writing classes, including choosing what I teach. Obviously, like all my content, it is strictly 18+.

Subscribe here to access exclusive content 🙂


Alternatively, I also have a Ko-Fi page where one time tips can be made for those who wish to, which I’ve had running for a couple of months now. For those who’ve contributed, a massive thank you to you all. It’s helped tremendously over the last few months.

Also, recently an anonymous donor gifted me a one year Ko-Fi Gold, subscription, where I am now able to advertise bespoke erotica services through the page. When I got that notification, I had to double take. I couldn’t believe it. To that person, whoever you are, a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So what bespoke packages do I offer?

  • FLASH IN THE PAN EROTICA – 500 words – £25
  • FLASH FICTION – 1,000 words – £45
  • LONGER EROTIC FICTION – 1,500 words – £90
  • EROTIC SHORT STORY – 2,000 words – £150

Guidelines are stated in the commission pages. Again, like all my content, strictly 18+. So if you want bespoke Erotica of your choosing, commission me here!


Recently, I had to take some time off as stress, burnout and everything was just getting on top of me. Then I realised it had been a while since I actually had a break, so some time to decompress was very much needed!

As a result, I postponed my Speculative Erotica series until later in the year, time and date to be confirmed. As of now, that is still the case, as I’m slowly getting back into writing instead of going all in and getting snowed under with planning and work again. Preferably I wanted to get started up again within the month, so watch this space!

Also, if interested, please let me know in the comments/email what time works for you (with your time difference) as I know time difference has been an issue for a few folks wanting to come along.

That’s where I am write now. Lots of love!

8 thoughts on “Patreon re-launch, Erotica Commissions & Class Update

  1. Congratulations on your re-launch! Saw it the other day but was pressed for time as my MIL passed away two nights ago after being in hospice for a few weeks.

    I am so happy you relaunched it and I will be stopping by very soon. Mr. Miller has been keeping me quite busy as it is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Violet. With the pandemic going on, her funeral isn’t for another three weeks and everything is just so different, but of course, that’s to keep everyone safe.

        Yes, Mr. Miller keeps me busy but Anony’s departure hit me hard yesterday. I knew it was coming but him being my “first” probably made the loss more intense. But it’s all good. The guy deserves the best life has to offer… as do we all 🙂 Hope your Monday is trudging along well!


      2. Of course, you need to keep as safe as possible ❤
        Same, Anony's departure has got me too 😦 I was just starting to get more into listening to him regularly, but like you said, he definitely deserves good things and his promotion will definitely help in these times for him! It's trudging along, just really want to get this story I'm working on finished xD

        Liked by 1 person

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