A little peek

So recently, I’ve been trying to feel a bit more comfortable with having my picture taken.

As you know, since gaining weight (which I’m now in the process of losing) I’ve not liked having my picture taken due to feeling self conscious. I know it’s not great, but I’m working on it and at times it feels like an uphill battle.

However recently, I actually took some photographs of myself and wasn’t too downtrodden with how they looked. I recently shared some on my Twitter and would like to share them here with you.

I figured one way to tackle my bad body image is to actually see myself in camera form and not hide away, like society often tells us to if we’re not what is considered the ideal. Doesn’t mean I can’t try and love myself along the way to getting healthier right?

The one in particular of my stomach is one I’m actually quite fond of. My stomach, like many women, is an area where I feel a bit self-conscious over. But I like these ones. And one of my dressing up a little in a satin shirt with a bit of chest, as that’s how the shirt fits and well, being a chesty girl, you can’t exactly miss them! 😂

Enjoy! 😘

Violet xx

Image: Violet Grey
Image: Violet Grey

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