An ode to the cuddlefuck

Cuddlefucks are the best. I love a good cuddlefuck. I love cuddling. I love fucking. So what’s not to love about merging the two together?

I’m a lover of all things intimate with your special someone. And to me, the cuddlefuck is one of the most intimate ways I can have sex. Whether I’m in a particularly lovey-dovey mood, just want to take it easy or just too tired for fast, hard sex but still want to have sex, it’s such a good all-rounder.

Some of my favourite sex memories involve the infamous cuddlefuck. One in particular I’m really fond of. It was around two and half years ago, I remember clearly when as I was working my first backstage job. It was tech week, meaning we were working 12-14 hour days. I’d set my alarm for 7:30am, but woke up at seven and couldn’t get back to sleep. My boyfriend stirs and we cuddle. A cuddle with kisses, when then leads to something more.

Slowly our pyjamas come off and we’re making love. He slides straight inside me (this was when I’d just started taking the pill again, so we weren’t using condoms) on top of me and sleepily, we enjoy each other. Him thrusting slowly inside me, massaging my breasts while I arch into him, arms casually draped around his shoulders, letting him take control. At this time, we were experimenting with my being more submissive in the bedroom and him taking charge more, and so far we were loving it. Also, this time my bedroom submission had a more practical reason. 

Anyone who works in theatre will tell you: Tech week is exhausting. Being part of the crew, you are one of the first to arrive for the day and some of the last to leave. So, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for wild sex that can rival HIIT workouts. I needed my energy for the 14-hour day ahead of me. So there I lay, sleepy and content, cosied up to my guy as we had slow, passionate sex before my alarm finally would go off. 

I loved how cosy I felt, my skin still soft and supple from the shower with delicate soap the night before, as my boyfriend’s head nestle against my collarbone as he slowly thrusts, massaging my breast in his hands. Hearing him grunt and groan as I sleepily gave myself to this slow building, sweet pleasure was just so delicious. He was loving every second of it. Then he said something which just turned everything up to 11. He groaned, that desperate ‘holy fuck this is so fucking good’ groan, saying this: 

Argh, I love it when you just lie there and take it…’ 

This hit me in particular. Obviously, he’s a guy that likes taking charge in the sack and loves when I give him free reign to do whatever he wants with me. But as well, I don’t want him to feel like he’s making love to a sack of potatoes. So I’m not. Going with the flow, I held him close, squeezed his ass, guiding him deeper into me. While I LOVE so many different kinds of sex depending on my mood, slow sex for me is just *chef’s kiss*. It gives me more time to enjoy what’s happening, explore each other and connect.

And hearing him getting close and then coming, losing himself in the pleasure of him taking charge and me surrendering to him, was absolutely delicious. Then, as if on cue, the alarm went off for 7:30. 



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