Give me all you’ve got

I want you to give me everything. Everything you have. Everything you feel. Everything you crave in that dark, daring mind of yours.

I want it all. The ugliness, the sweetness, the roughed up, raw urge to pin me down and fuck everything you’ve got into me. I want the tender kisses, the caress of your fingertips against my skin. I want the romantic words hushed in my ears as we hold each other.

I want everything. I want the leather and the ribbons, the cuffs and the kisses, the sex-induced bruises and the tender lovemaking. I want your teeth biting my lip and your tongue lapping between my legs as I shudder.

I want your tongue trailing between my breasts and skin on skin touch. I want to use you for my pleasure like you’ve fantasised, the same way I’ve fatasised about you. I want the ropes to tie you, your cock to suck, your face to ride. I want your dominance. I want your submission. I want you to call me yours. I want to call you mine.

I want your duality, I want all of you. Your mind, body and soul.

Give me all of you, and I’ll give you all of me.

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