Riding the waves

CONTENT NOTE: Erotic prose.

Can I ride your face please?

Can I feel your tongue running over my lips and flicking over my clit? Sucking as my thighs shake either side of your head. Kissing luscious waves and tingles down to the tips of my toes. Lapping the nectar I make just for you.

I want to rock my hips along to the rhythm of your intent. Feast on me until I am nothing but the rippling slithers of smoke curling above my pleasure, then fading to become one with the air.

I want the intimacy, I want the lust. I want the debauchery I so desperately crave. Putting a man’s head between my legs, telling him he is mine. I want to groan and shake above you as you clamp your hands around my thighs, pulling me closer as the waves grow white-hot between my legs, climax shuddering through me as I gasp your name. Painting it in the walls and in the air as you gently kiss my clit, as I slowly float back down to Earth.

So, what do you think? Can I ride your face please?

Pretty please?

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