Show me what you’ve got

CONTENT NOTE: Sexual fantasy theme. 

What if I told you, you could do whatever you like, stranger? 

I’ve seen you looking at me from across the bar. Savouring your drink, top button of your shirt undone. Eyes dark and wandering up and down my frame. I want to know what you’re imagining. How do want me? How do you picture me if you had your way? 

On top, so you could reach up and squeeze my breasts you’re admiring so much? Under you? From behind? My moans muffled in the hotel room pillow while you slap my ass and take me, raw and primal? 

Or perhaps you’re a little kinky. You strike me as the dominant type. The type that likes to take a woman over his knee, spanking her ass red before fucking her brains out. I’d like that. Or maybe you like it switched? Perhaps you’ll be the one on your knees while I have you worship my feet? I’d like that too. Do you like getting tied up? Or do you like to be the one tying? I really want to know. 

I make my way to the elevator, flashing you a dark glance to give you the green light. Setting your glass down, you follow me inside. 

So come on, stranger. Show me what you’ve got. 


Masturbation Monday

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