You want me? You can have me.

CW: Sexual fantasy related post related to friends to lovers. Enjoy! V xx

I know you like me. You’ve said as much. You joke about wishing I was yours and the things you’d do to me. How you’d look after me, how you’d fuck me. But I see the slight glimmer of hope in your eyes as the words leave your mouth, wanting it to be real. That all I have to do is say the word.

So I do.

You like me more than I do you, but I still like you. You’re cute. You’re nice. Your heart’s in the right place. I care about you, but right now, all I want is just for you fuck me. More, I want to let you fuck me.

No strings attached, unless something grows between us after the fact. I want you to finally release every desire and fantasy you’ve had about me. You look shocked at my simple admission, like it’s too good to be true, as if I’m playing some cruel trick on you, waiting for everyone to jump out and laugh for being so stupid as to fall for it. But it’s not. I would never dream of it. My eyes lock with yours. I’m deadly serious. You want me? You can have me.

I’m perched on the table. We’re alone together. My eyes don’t leave yours as I spread my legs for you, lifting my hips to slide my knickers down my legs, letting them casually drop to your living room carpet. I see your chest rise and fall at the sight of me, bare, just for you.

You step forward, hesitantly stroking a hand through my hair. I take it, slowly guiding it down to cup my breast. Your breath shudders as I pull down my top and the cups of my bra, exposing my breasts and hardened nipples to you. Tingles permeate between my legs as your thumbs brush over my nipples, and making the bold move of taking them into your mouth. You flick back and forth with your tongue and I let you, letting my head fall back, hands firmly pressing into the wooden table.

You’re gentle at first, but soon enough your desire consumes you, becoming more urgent in your kisses, trailing up into the crook of my neck, snaking your arm around my waist and crushing your hips in between my legs. Your forehead touches mine, staring deep into my eyes.

‘Yeah?’ you ask.

You want to be absolutely sure. I cup the back of your head, pulling you into a deep, unforgiving kiss. For a split second you freeze against me, still surprised by my reciprocating, before you relax against my lips, opening your mouth for me as my tongue traces against your lips. Our tongues dance and my hips rock against your hard cock straining in your jeans.

‘Yeah…’ I whisper when we finally break apart.

You pull my top and bra off in one smooth move. You’re next, shivering with a groan at my teeth biting naughtily into your neck as I unbutton your shirt and throw it off your shoulders. I unbuckle your belt, you yanking them and your boxers down freeing your thick, hard cock.

You want me?

I guide your cock through my folds, sinking deep inside me. You gasp.

You can have me.

I bask in you, your moans, the luscious friction you create, letting loose every want and need you’ve imagined with me, making your fantasy a reality. I revel in your prowling hands, your needing, hungry kisses branding every inch of my skin, your growls in my ear, feasting off your lust like a succubus.

Hot breath rolling down my neck, bites along my chest as you pump your cock inside me. All the while I balance on the table, wrapping my legs around your waist, letting you fuck me. I just want to let you fuck me.

Hearing you cum is beautiful, a series of desperate moans growing louder and louder until your climax grates against your throat, painting itself against the walls. We pant against each other, both of us completely sated.

Masturbation Monday

22 thoughts on “You want me? You can have me.

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  2. Isabelle Lauren

    Lovely! I should amend that: that is really, really hot. I’m a happily married woman, but this made me wish for this to happen to me with a friend (not that I have one in mind, I just LOVE this scenario).

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